Song of the Week: Renting Spaces in My World // Youth Sector


Brighton alt-rockers Youth Sector are a quintet comprising of Nick Tompkins, Josh Doyle, Brad Moore, Karl Tomlin and Harvey Dent.

‘Renting Spaces In My World’ is their latest release, with the post-punk style narrative detailing a paranoid character’s gradual comprehension that their dream world is crumbling, reflected in the increasingly unhinged lyrics as the track advances.  

I bought a TV and a chaise lounge / But no one ever seems to stay long

The speaking-come-talking vocal style reaches a head with the “time is money, and money is time” hook that leads into the chorus. The chorus has a quasi-robotic quality to the delivery that combines with the metronomic instrumental and punchy synths to lend the track its distinctive ’80s feel.

Tompkins’ meandering, drawling vocal is evocative of punk rock duo Slaves at times in this single, but in other tracks such as the intro of ‘Run’ the rough nasal quality of his voice is comparable to Brian Molko of Placebo fame. It’s this vocal versatility that combines with the band’s interesting lyrical subjects that make Youth Sector definitely one to watch.

Catch the band at Patterns in Brighton on 13 July. 

Words by Beth Kirkbride 


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