Song of the Week (14th September): Seven Hours // Little May


Sydney-based three-piece indie-folk band, Little May, comprise of Liz Hammond, Hannah Field and Annie Hamilton, and seem to perfectly optimise a true girl-power band. Their latest single, ‘Seven Hours’, from their upcoming album, For the Company, is a delicately tinkling, heartbroken ode to a former lover, brimming with undulating synths and echoing vocals.

The sound is soft and jangling, gorgeous vocal harmonies flowing over smooth acoustic guitar and delicate percussive riffs. Crystal spun melody perfectly captures the poignant opening lyrics, “Said I’m all you ever needed / but you don’t want me all the time”.

The song veers into a decidedly heavier direction halfway through, however, with a four chord electric guitar riff dominating the previously floaty sound. This adds a powerful element to the song as a whole, giving the impression that there is certain strength behind the silky tribute to heartbreak.

Words by Skye Mallac


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