Song of the Week (29th June): Little May // Home

‘Home’ begins with a discordant mix of bass and chimes, which proves to be the perfect introduction to lead singer Hannah Field’s voice which is refreshingly lovely – soft with husky undertones. The track builds beautifully, the piano refrain blending with understated vocal harmonies, conjuring up comparisons with The Paper Kites.

As the track intensifies and the harmonies become more prominent, its clear that the band have played keen attention to detail in ensuring that the melody is complimented by the vocals, punctuated by subtle drum beats and synths. At the end Field sings “I don’t think we’ll ever know till we get home”acapella, a pleasing end to the song.

Little May have demonstrated a lot of promise with their latest release and hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of them soon.

Words by Beth Chaplow

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