Discovering new music is easily one of the finer things in life. Much like finding a £10 note in your pocket or realising that your eyebrows are actually so on fleek today, music is a great way to keep people happy. In a time where individuals settle for the same morning commute to do the same usual work before taking the same commute home it’s nice to add a little spice to the mundane routine. 2016 has already breathed some spice into our eardrums with the introduction of a variety of new acts including No Hot Ashes, Kassassin Street and Zublue, but today brings another into the world – Whenyoung.

This emerging band deliver some garage rock tunes that are tinged with a tongue quick enough to talk about today’s society. In a way, their sound could be described as the most aggressive French kissing session imaginable. Their debut single ‘See How They Run’ is two minutes of full on guitars, drums and vocals – which blend together very well to give the eardrums a lesson in how to properly experience well-crafted vocal harmonies, while also enjoying an instrumental that boasts some excellent production.

The track’s guitar riffs are ballsy beyond belief as they’re backed up by some thick basslines that’s also paired up with a drumbeat that adds some additional flesh to the sound. There’s some clear influences showing through from the likes of Nirvana, Sonic Youth and possibly a slight hint of Dinosaur Jr in there – and the result is a song that enthrals the eardrums.

‘See How They Run’ is an excellent track, and a very bold way to introduce yourself to the world. Whenyoung have certainly caught our attention, and stopped us dead in our tracks.

Words by Adam Reeve

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