Star Wars Eclipse Announced At The Game Awards 2021

©Quantic Dream/Lucasfilm Games

Lucasfilm Games and Quantic Dream have announced a new Star Wars game, Star Wars Eclipse. It is in the early stages of development at the studio. At The Game Awards 2021, the game got an official announcement and a cinematic reveal trailer. 

The game will be set in the High Republic era of Star Wars, a multimedia publishing effort that began at the start of 2021. Set 200 years before the events of the Skywalker Saga, the High Republic shows the golden age of both the Republic and the Jedi. This will be the era’s first on-screen appearance and will feature an original story and characters. Set in an undiscovered region of the Outer Rim, it will show new species and planets. Returning species and characters will also be a part of the game, with Yoda, Mon Calamari and the Duros being featured in the trailer. The Neimoidians and their trademark ship, the Lucrehulk battleship, are also able to be seen. 

Players will be able to take on the role of multiple different characters with different personalities, morality, motivations and goals. The decisions that players make in the game will have consequences on the game’s outcome, due to the branching narrative.

Details about the story content of the game have yet to be released. 

The game is still in early stages of its development, and there has been no release date given by the studio.

Words by Kieran Burt

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