Style in Film: Mia Wallace

Pulp Fiction is not only an iconic film – it is also the face of iconic fashion. In the throes of the post-modernist phenomenon, its central femme Mia is symbolic of the concepts of mystery and the unknown. Played by Uma Thurman, Mia Wallace has been an inspiration to the style and image of many young females, remarkably even 20 years on from the film’s release. Her vixen-esque character, partnered by her blood-lacquered nails and straight-cut bob, also symbolise the sex appeal she holds without bearing all.

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Mia is undeniably a walking statement, which is reflected in her female “Reservoir Dogs” persona. To match this, her attire is suitably masculine with a feminine spin. Her  plain white shirt is accentuated by the large collar and suppressed waist which make her appear sultry and flirtatious. The monochrome colour scheme used to partner the simplicity of her outfit epitomizes the minimalist style of the 90s, of which have been revived in recent years. And that isn’t only at Halloween when females decide to recreate her look, bloody-nosed and all.

In fact, minimalist fashion actually underlines the liberation of women’s style through it’s medium of popular aesthetic. Especially towards the late 70s and 80s, women’s clothing became more masculine and practical. Waves of fashion today still incorporate plain styles and play down the frills and tassels.

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According to the woman behind the outfit, costume designer Betsy Heimman said that due to Uma’s height, she had simply cropped a pair of black slacks since they were all originally too short. Who knew that this improvised look would prove so iconic?

Her outfits are in fact incredibly simple, yet striking. Her black slacks partnered by her crisp shirt somewhat resemble how you imagine a businessman to be dressed on his strenuous travel home on the tube, minus the cropped trousers. Mia Wallace, being potent and sophisticated, is iconic for her sexy look – one that doesn’t include any spills of cleavage or backside. She is not a woman who needs to be draped in jewels or covered in silk to assert authority and classiness, as well as beauty. In fact, the plainness and masculine edge of her attire brings a greater value to the words that spill from her memorising face.

Words by Lydia Ibrahim

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