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Theatre Review: Pareidolia // Off The Page Theatre

During the COVID-19 epidemic, existential-crisis is something that many of us have faced head-on as lockdown means we are encased within the way-too familiar four walls of our rooms. As the ‘new normal’ has led to a physical and often mental disconnection from many of our closest peers, we have been left in a period […]Read More

A Life in Literature: George Orwell

A modern classic and a potent novel to ease oneself into the world of dystopian fiction… yes, I’m writing about George Orwell’s 1984. Published in 1949, 1984 stringently became a controversial phenomenon and has since come to be known as Orwell’s most notorious novel. Public manipulation and government surveillance are two things which have in fact transgressed into our society; mass […]Read More

My Life in Books: Gabriel Rutherford

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved books. From my parents reading books to me, to struggling with Crime and Punishment (I gave up halfway through), I’ve read constantly. In primary school, I even used to get in trouble for reading while the teacher was talking! So, I thought I’d pay tribute to all […]Read More

Interview: The Fontaines

Sitting down with The Fontaines in the upstairs room of Sheffield’s esteemed indie venue, the Leadmill, I’m not quite sure I’m adequately prepared for the ensuing chaos. Trying to get answers to my questions – serious answers, anyway – is a somewhat challenging task. None of the band seem able to sit still, with bassist […]Read More