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Film Review: Split

  Split is the latest brainchild of celebrated director M. Night Shyamalan; the filmmaker well-known in the industry for producing mainstream films with unusual supernatural storylines, concluded by shocking twists. Other similar movies produced by the acclaimed director include The Sixth Sense, The Visit, and Unbreakable. A Sharp and Psychological Thriller. From the get go Split […]Read More

Film Review: Manchester By The Sea

  Manchester by the Sea is a coming of age tale, intertwining coping with personal loss. Subsequently, dealing with what life throws at you unexpectedly. One of the most critically applauded films of last year, the gripping drama has been nominated for six reputable Academy Award nominations; Casey Affleck took home the award for ‘Best […]Read More

Film Review: A Monster Calls

Patrick Ness’ short novel A Monster Calls, itself based on an idea by Siobhan Dowd, finally made the leap from concept to cinema blockbuster in late 2016/early 2017. Bittersweet is a term which will be re-visited in this review; Siobhan sadly passed away from terminal breast cancer in 2007, tragically never witnessing either the Carnegie or […]Read More

Film Review: Sing Street

From the director of critically acclaimed Once and Begin Again, comes John Carney’s passion project, Sing Street. Set in 1980’s Dublin, Sing Street tells that tale of a young teen named Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) who in the midst of his parents’ marriage breaking down, relentless bullying at school and spurred on by his infatuation with […]Read More

First Names Announced For Field Day Festival 2017

London’s Field Day Festival recently revealed their first line-up announcement for its 11th edition in 2017. Following on from last year’s impressive effort, which was headlined by James Blake and PJ Harvey, the organisers appear to have struck gold once again, even at this early stage. The big name that really jumps out from the […]Read More

5 Must See Acts At MIRRORS Festival 2016

2016’s MIRRORS Festival adopts some prime venues in Hackney; Moth Club, St John at Hackney, Oslo, Stage 3 (Hackney Empire), Paper Dress Vintage and The Hackney Picturehouse. With the 29th October nearing, it’s time to start planning your schedule for the day – here’s our 5 Must See Acts for this year’s festival. Full line-up […]Read More

Album Review: The Radio Dept. // Running Out of Love

Running Out of Love, an album “inspired by life in Sweden in 2016”, runs at a direct contrast with the war-like, antiquated cover art of the record. Running Out of Love reveals that behind the utopian view of Sweden lies a nation that is just as indebted to the war machine as the rest of […]Read More

Live Review: Jamie T // Brixton Academy – 09.10.2016

Jamie T is one of modern music’s enigmas; seemingly invisible to the everyday pop music consumer, whilst reluctantly possessing a god-like status in the eyes of his hordes of followers. This state of existence has surely never been more prevalent than now, on the second night of his three sold out Brixton shows. The South […]Read More

Live Review: Oscar // Patterns, Brighton – 03.11.16

On a cold and dreary Monday evening at the beginning of October, it’s not always easy to rouse the residents of Brighton from their sofas to venture out into the sea mist and temperamental weather conditions. Nevertheless, rising indie star Oscar managed to rally the troops (and even a member of the Magic Gang) for […]Read More

Album Review: Isn’t It Strange? // Lauren Aquilina

At the complex and dream-filled age of just twenty-one, Lauren Aquilina is an artist who shares her experiences of love and adolescence through sophisticated lyricism. With her fingers gliding over a piano, profound emotion laced between each word and her honey-glazed tones, Lauren is a talented individual oozing with authenticity. Having gained a large following […]Read More

Generation Sesh – What Happens When We Stop Being ‘On

If you’ve ever read a Bret Easton Ellis novel – and it doesn’t have to be any one in particular – you’ll be aware of the characters he presents. From Clay in Less than Zero to Sean Bateman in The Rules of Attraction, Ellis’ protagonists are that of the culturally coherent, the emotionally vapid and […]Read More

The Real Star Of ‘The Office’ (And It’s Certainly Not

If you were looking for the perfect song that summed up office-based banality, a track that should easily be in the running is Fountains of Wayne’s ‘Hey Julie’. Not only does it discuss the grim eventualities of working for men with soup-stained ties and bad tans, but there’s a glimmer of hope, one tiny slither […]Read More

Album Review: Amnesty (I) // Crystal Castles

Amnesty (I) is a big deal for Crystal Castles fans. Sure, any fan would be excited for a new album, but this album represents the first time Crystal Castles have made music without the vocals of Alice Glass. Following a very public break-up, Ethan Kath soon employed new vocalist Edith Frances to cover vocal duties. […]Read More

‘Stranger Things’ – How Winona Got Her Groove Back

  ‘Winona Forever’ goes the slogan. Immortalised by a generation raised on the Gothic glamour of Beetlejuice, it was also the phrase that was, ironically, temporarily etched onto the arm of eccentric movie alternahunk Johnny Depp. Even more ironically, such a statement – delivered in honour of Winona Ryder – hasn’t exactly rang true, for […]Read More