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Television and the Return of TV News

In 2021, waiting until the nine o’clock news to turn on the TV and find out the events of the day seems like a quaint, outdated activity. With various news apps on your smartphone giving you constant breaking news updates and social media sites like Twitter feeding you every possible fact or opinion on an […]Read More

A Year In Review: How Hit TV Reflected 2020

As pubs and theatres closed, social events cancelled, and millions of workers furloughed this year, many of us turned to our trusty small screens for entertainment. BBC News viewing figures shot up, as Brits sought out the comforting familiarity of Huw Edward’s dulcet Welsh tones. Streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ saw their membership and […]Read More

BPI 2020 Figures Show Widening Music Industry Income Gap

The BPI announced 2020’s figures for the UK’s recorded music industry this week, and it looks like good news; recorded music consumption rose by 8.2%. People trapped in their homes resembled not so much a captive audience but a willing one, desperate to continue supporting the artists they love. These figures are certainly reassuring for […]Read More

How Can We Step Out Of 2020’s Dark Shadow?

It’s neither bold nor new to admit that this year, 2020, has been a nightmarish fever dream that we’d all love to wake up from. Alas, I regret to inform you that this isn’t a dream: you are awake, reading the latest copy of The Indiependent, maybe wondering how this year could get any worse […]Read More

Societal Changes We Should Embrace Post-Covid

The word ‘unprecedented’ has been flying around for the last year. As has the phrase ‘I can’t wait for 2020 to be over’. As unexpected and chaotic as this year has been, some things have (dare I say it) changed for the better. Some things we’re moving forward with, taking into 2021, and hopefully embracing […]Read More

5 Things I Learnt In 2020

As this never-ending year finally limps to a close I find myself in much the same position as I started in. I am 23, still single, still working a part-time job in retail, and still living at home. And yet this year has changed me beyond what I could have expected. I am now the […]Read More

Riding the 2020 Wave: What We Can Take From This

This year has been challenging in many ways for people in every walk of life. It’s been a busy news year to say the least: a global pandemic, a global movement to combat racial inequalities, lockdown after lockdown, an ongoing climate crisis, a US election – you name it, it’s happened. The stress of it […]Read More

Are You Ready for Your 2020 Spotify Wrapped?

2020 is finally nearing its end. The days are getting darker and the last thing you want to do is leave the snug embrace of your duvet. It’s also that time of year when most young people in the UK get excited about one thing. No, I’m not talking about getting drunk at Christmas, but […]Read More

Album Review: War Beats // DEF NEON

DEF NEON are back with War Beats, four years after the release of their self-titled debut in 2016. The North Wales based duo, consisting of vocalist and bassist Emily Gresham and producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Harmina, have fought against categorisation since their debut, describing themselves in a borderline oxymoronic fashion as “Daft Punk meets Siouxsie […]Read More

Virtual Speed Dating: The Future For Singles?

I sit in bed, tinnie in hand, eagerly awaiting the handsome eligible bachelors that would soon be popping up on my screen. I’m not wearing my usual date attire, favouring holey Christmas pyjama bottoms from 2008 over jeans and a nice top. To be honest, I feel very content. No constraints of uncomfortable shoes; just […]Read More

US Election 2020: Trump’s Time May Be Running Out

With 21 days until Election Day in the USA, US President Donald Trump finds himself trailing his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, in several battleground state polls, with time running out to make a dent in Biden’s support. Biden holds a 10-point lead nationally, his largest of the campaign so far. New state polls released by […]Read More

The Stage Debut Theatre Awards 2020

At a time when many theatre lovers have been starved of live entertainment, The Stage has swooped in to give us a much needed dose of all things theatre. The Debut Awards, the only celebration on the UK theatre scene to congratulate breakthrough talent, will be live-streamed for free viewing on Sunday 27th December.  If […]Read More

Johnson’s Peerages are a Display of Modern Cronyism

After only one year in office, Boris Johnson feels under no pressure to hide his complete contempt for the British people by openly rewarding anyone who has done him a favour. How else can you justify a list of peerage nominations that include: his chief strategist, owner of two major newspapers, countless pro-Brexit politicians, and […]Read More