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Five Classic ’90s Shows That Are Still Relevant Today

During the COVID-19 lockdown we all did our best to stay safe and stay sane, despite being trapped in the confines of our homes. A significant part of that, for me, was spending hours and hours binge-watching TV. This was the perfect time to settle down and watch those ’classic’ shows that I’ve been wanting […]Read More

Album Review: People Are the Best Show // Celeb Car

Celeb Car Crash is an Italian rock band who have supported the likes of Lacuna Coil and Coheed and Cambria. They have been championed by Revolver Magazine and Virgin Radio in Italy. With their reputation soaring, they released their debut album Ambush in 2013. Their sophomore album, People Are The Best Show came out on […]Read More

The History And Future Of Fashion

“History always repeats itself”, a common trope and a popular one. Most people use it to moan about politics or ponder it when a friend forgives a cheating boyfriend. But not many realise its force in the fashion industry, a place where it has never been more suited. We all know that politics repeats itself. […]Read More

Track Review: Four A.M. // Alexander

British Indie-pop foursome Alexander take you right back to the 90s with their latest single ‘Four A.M”. A comfortably chill track about calling an ex-girlfriend in the early hours of the morning – an often used but not yet tired theme – this track and its wonderfully fun, amateur-style video would sit perfectly amongst your […]Read More

TV Review: This Is England ’90 // Spring

The latest instalment of Shane Meadows’ cult This Is England series appeared on our screens last night as This Is England ’90 kicked off in a sea of alcohol, cigarette smoke, glow sticks and Madchester inspired sounds. As has become tradition with the series now into its 3rd era, the minute the one before ends you want the […]Read More

Top 10 Hole Songs

10. Nobody’s Daughter Many do not consider Hole’s fourth album – Nobody’s Daughter – to truly be a product of the band, largely due it resembling a barely veiled solo endeavour by lead singer, Courtney Love.  However, Courtney Love is very much (if you’ll pardon the pun) the whole of Hole in terms of artistry, as proven by […]Read More