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Inside Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition

Twenty years have passed since the idiosyncratic master of the moving picture, Stanley Kubrick, passed away shortly before the release of his final feature Eyes Wide Shut. In celebration of his back catalogue, London’s Design Museum has paid homage to the director through a retrospective of his beloved films, giving exhibition-goers a chance to marvel […]Read More

Literature Lessons: The Best Pieces of Literature to Study

English Literature is a popular subject to take at school level and beyond. In these wonderful lessons, pieces of literature are studied in varying detail, depending on the level of qualification the student has reached. Novels and novellas, poems and poetry collections, plays and dramatic monologues all fall under the category of literature, over time […]Read More

The Five Best Colourful Books

1. The Color Purple // Alice Walker Alice Walker’s most famous novel focuses on the lives of black women in the 1930s American South. Raped and abused by her father, Celie is set on a new path of life when she is married off to an older man in the place of her sister, but […]Read More

My Life In Books: Heather Moss

This week, have a look at the books that take the top 5 places on the list of Heather’s favourites. Harry Potter // J.K. Rowling Chronologically, unless we count Big Red Ball, this captivating and, well, magical series of books is the forerunner of my list. Honestly, I think that if I was ranking them by […]Read More

Revisiting Literary Characters: Alex (A Clockwork Orange)

A Clockwork Orange: a story about rape, youth and ‘ultra-violence’. While for many of us the phrases ‘youth’ and ‘violence’ are two very unrelated issues, for the book’s protagonist, Alex, these are two sides of the same coin. Alex is an embodiment of the turbulence of youth; his violence being a hyperbolic metaphorical of the […]Read More

My Life In Books: Joe Lewin

Books have always played a big part in my life; while others chose to go outside, I chose a new intriguing book. Books have been a dear friend to me providing the escapism to console myself no matter what life may have thrown at me; so here are just a few of my life-changing books. […]Read More