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Sandra Bullock Set To Star In David Leitch’s ‘Bullet Train’

The actor is reportedly on her way to join David Leitch’s all-star cast for his upcoming assassin thriller.  Bullet Train already boasts major talent with an array of acclaimed actors such as Brad Pitt, Joey King, Lady Gaga, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Zazie Beetz, Michael Shannon, Logan Lerman, Masi Oka and Andrew Koji. […]Read More

Book Review: The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd // Agatha Christie

Having never read an Agatha Christie novel or any detective fiction before, I was pleasantly surprised at how crafted this novel proved to be. Albeit, I was rather sceptical; my idea of Agatha Christie was naive and tainted by an impression that only an older audience would enjoy her writing. I couldn’t have been more […]Read More

Book Review: The Monogram Murders // Sophie Hannah

Having progressed through a vast number of novels and works by Agatha Christie, I think I can safely say that I know what I like in regards to her literature and it was for this reason that I was, somewhat, apprehensive in commencing to read The Monogram Murders by already established author, Sophie Hannah. This […]Read More

Book By My Bedside: The Secret Adversary // Agatha Christie

Title: The Secret Adversary Author: Agatha Christie What I Think So Far:  As the first detective novel I have ever read, I’m baffled as to why I didn’t pick up one sooner. The Secret Adversary is the novel in which Agatha Christie first introduces the dynamic duo of Tommy and Tuppence in their series of sleuthing. […]Read More

Book Review: The Agatha Christie Miscellany // Cathy Cook

When we set out on the adventure of devouring a new novel, we become so consumed in the stories that are laid out before us that we seldom spare a thought for those who are most vital in the creation of such books: the author. While one may recognise their style of writing and their […]Read More

Book Review: A Pocket Full of Rye // Agatha Christie

I have recently taken on the mission of re-reading all of the Agatha Christie novels that adorn my bookshelf at home and I can gladly say that I have almost finished. To some, this activity may appear to be laborious, un-eventful and a creative means of procrastination. To me, however, this has allowed me to re-discover […]Read More

The Indiependent’s Favourite Authors

Everyone has a favourite author. Whether an avid, lackadaisical or infrequent reader, everyone has that one person that sparks their interest; whose writing style is so befitting to them that they are drawn in and, ultimately, consumed by adoration for their writer and the beautiful plots and stories that they create. This list will be a […]Read More

Revisiting Literary Characters: Hercule Poirot

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the books of the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, you should not, I repeat, should not be unfamiliar with the famous Hercule Poirot. In the literary world, Poirot is by far Christie’s most inventive and sublime character ever. In her books, however, Poirot is a keen-eyed, private detective […]Read More

Book By My Bedside: The A B C Murders //

Title: The A B C Murders Author: Agatha Christie What I think So Far: At about halfway in, I’m greatly enjoying every part of this novel – the writing style, the characters, the plot itself, and of course the murders. This being my first encounter with Poirot, I’ve found his character to be instantly engaging […]Read More

Book Review: Hallowe’en Party // Agatha Christie

Many young people look at old books (that are 50+ years old) with a rather negative view; their old-fashioned themes and plots seem very inaccessible to many and so we are put off slightly. Although I hate to admit it, I am sometimes guilty of this. However, there is one author that I can truly […]Read More