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Album Review: Deceiver // DIIV

Three years have passed since the release of critically acclaimed Is the Is Are (2016) and DIIV have used the time well. In an attempt to move past the “homemade” sentiments of the last album, Deceiver offers a respite between chaos and order, a chance to fine-tune a few ideas, to mark a new era […]Read More

Album Review: Dirty Projectors (Self-Titled)

Dirty Projectors, given the recent divorce between frontman David Longstreth and former bandmate Amber Coffman, is limited by expectation. When art is bogged down by so much personal history, it is difficult for it to thematically escape its own context. Much has been made about how Longstreth’s divorce with Coffman influenced his songwriting on Dirty […]Read More

Album Review: Trick // Jamie T

“I don’t want the next album to take 5 years”, says Wimbledon’s Jamie T in the NME, after releasing his first album in what felt like an eternity back in 2014. He wasn’t joking either, as here he is, following a normal album-tour cycle once again, with Trick. Back in 2007, when admittedly I was […]Read More

Album Review: Life On The Road // David Brent &

What’s the first thing that comes to mind, besides The Office, when you hear the name David Brent? Well in all honesty, if it isn’t this, then I am surprised. But I digress. When sitting down to listen through this album for the first time, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from it. However, one thing was […]Read More

Album Review: Yours, Dreamily // The Arcs

Dan Auerbach may have taken a break from The Black Keys, but in many ways, The Black Keys haven’t taken a break from him. Although he brings new formulas and ideas to the table with each of his many side-projects and musical adventures, he still carries the voice and essence of The Black Keys wherever […]Read More

Album Review: Get To Heaven // Everything Everything

Many bands have attempted and failed to create a successful third album. A few bands have attempted and succeeded in creating a brilliant third album, better than their debut and follow up. Everything Everything is one of these bands. Many would fear that the band could top their second album, Arc, which charted at number 5 […]Read More

A Blast From The Past: All We Know Is Falling

It’s hard to believe that the now Grammy Award winning pop sensation that is Paramore started as an alternative rock band in a West Tennessee basement. As we celebrate the tenth birthday of their debut album, All We Know Is Falling, we gaze back into a past that consisted of MySpace Top 5’s and emo […]Read More

Album Review: Sucker // Charli XCX

Known for her obscure outfits and working with artists such as Icona Pop and Rita Ora, the antagonistic ambiances of pop-punk supreme Charli XCX’s latest album Sucker display associations with one word: attitude. What’s more, the album delivers strong messages of breaking rules, falling drunkenly down stairs and crashing parties which patently presents Sucker as […]Read More

A Blast From The Past: Blood On The Tracks //

Analysing the deep and dark corners of any man is hard, let alone Bob Dylan. Submerged, in a mist of myths and melodies that leave you dreaming, he remains detached from society living in a cave concocting his next cocktail of crafty lyrics. Despite his desperate withdrawal from the public eye, he is renowned as […]Read More

A Blast From The Past: Enema Of The State //

If you ask any Blink-182 fan how they’re doing, they’ll say the past month has been a true ordeal. Whether you like it or not, lead guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge has taken an “indefinite hiatus” from the band and there’s nothing anyone can do. The most traumatic part of it all however was seeing […]Read More