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Track Review: Miss Maggie May // The Garage Flowers

The Garage Flowers are ready to show the world exactly what they are made of. After a few quiet months, the boys will be back on the radar for fans, friends and frankly, anyone who can handle them. A confused period saw front-man Joe Capaldi deciding to give up the bedroom-dweller recordings and look for someone […]Read More

Live Review: Kid Wave // Oslo Hackney, London – 07.02.16

Kid Wave couldn’t possibly have made a depressing, gloomy Sunday any less luminous. The shimmering backdrop of the Oslo beckoned for the dreamy harmonies woven on the band’s debut album, Wonderlust. I had been waiting to see Kid Wave in action for months and was excited to find out whether they could induce as much […]Read More

Single Review: Wicker Man // Veludo Planes

Veludo Planes have soared back onto the indie/alternative radar with their latest release, ‘Wicker Man’. This quartet from Portsmouth have already invaded our playlists with their debut release back in March, entitled ‘Snows of Kilimanjaro’. The boys showcase an aptness for blasting out addictive choruses over dynamic, melodic verses. After spending the year organising, running […]Read More