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Blast From The Past: Man on the Moon II: The

A couple of weeks ago, Kid Cudi released a YouTube video teasing the third instalment of the Man on the Moon trilogy; a trilogy of albums that had commenced with his 2009 debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day. And now, his sophomore effort, the 2010 concept album Man on the Moon […]Read More

EP Review: how will i rest in peace if i’m

KennyHoopla has come bursting into this fragmented world with intense open eyes and a gaping heart with debut EP how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway? //. Kenny La’ron is an Alternative and Indie LA-based artist born in Cleveland. After his first single ‘Waves//’ released in 2017, he has created […]Read More

Interview: RedFaces

2017 is on course to be one of the best years for festivals and another new face on the summer schedule is Community Festival. Celebrating the best of new and well established alternative and rock talent, Catfish and the Bottlemen will be headlining the one day concert at Finsbury Park, and performing alongside them will […]Read More

10 Amazing Acts Waiting to be Discovered at 110 Above

110 Above is an independently ran festival in rural Leicestershire, and acts on the line-ups each year are typically within the alternative rock genre, although some bands in this year’s line-up could be described as grunge and post punk too. Known for its chilled environment, it is ideal for people who are keen to discover […]Read More

Single and Video Review: Satisfaction // The Bay Rays

The Bay Rays are a thrilling rock trio heralding from Kent – the home place of ferocious punk duo Slaves – and late last year released their incredibly catchy single ‘Satisfaction’. After racking up hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify, and landing on many alternative playlists on the other side of the Atlantic, the […]Read More

EP Review: Visions // Mellt

Mellt have released their second EP, titled Visions, and as the name suggests, this 4-track work is one tiny ball of spacey, psychedelic dreams. Based in Vancouver, the alternative-psychedelic-rock band are proper underground at the moment, both metaphorically – relatively low, but slowly expanding following, and literally, due to the fact that the album has […]Read More

Album Review: People Are the Best Show // Celeb Car

Celeb Car Crash is an Italian rock band who have supported the likes of Lacuna Coil and Coheed and Cambria. They have been championed by Revolver Magazine and Virgin Radio in Italy. With their reputation soaring, they released their debut album Ambush in 2013. Their sophomore album, People Are The Best Show came out on […]Read More

Things To Do In Digbeth When You’re Dead: Rebeautifying B-Town

When Birmingham last enjoyed a cultural cacophony, thanks to the rhythmic renaissance of Peace, Swim Deep and Superfood, it wasn’t entirely to the enhancement of the city – for as good as those bands’ Britpop-enthused haze was, they mainly dealt with escapism, the dream to disappear from the drudgery of Digbeth and bound down to […]Read More

Live Review: DMA’S // Electric Ballroom – 24.10.16

Sydney’s ice-cool upcoming indie rockers, DMA’S, graced London town in swaggering and confident fashion on Monday 24th November. The outfit performed a triumphant set to adoring fans in the iconic setting of Camden’s Electric Ballroom. The show began with an enjoyable set from support act Splashh. Thumping bass-lines drove their unique indie rock songs, but their meanderings […]Read More

Live Review: Artbreak // The Windmill, Brixton 03/08/2016

The Windmill, Brixton is a humbly sized pub/music venue that has played host to many renowned bands during their infancies, including indie rock giants The Vaccines and Bloc Party. After their show there on Wednesday 3rd August 2016, one can only dream of where Artbreak might be in a few years time. The Brixton pub’s […]Read More

Album Review: Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not //

In 2012, when Dinosaur Jr. drummer Murph was asked how the trio would sound circa 2016, he said “really slow.” While that prophecy has not been completely fulfilled (the band had already embarked on such a pace with the sunny, but soporific, I Bet On Sky), Give A Glimpse… continues to smoothen the band’s brunt, without […]Read More

Album Review: Ellipsis // Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro have reached the distinguished milestone of their seventh album and with it is the beginning of a new cycle in the band’s life. Biffy Clyro by their own admission are a band who embrace the three album cycle, in which there is a simple stylistic or thematic similarity grouping the trilogy together. The […]Read More

Introducing : PORT OF Est.

Name: Port of Est (aka Hannah Tarkinson and Todd Kitchens) Hometown: Portland, Maine, USA Listen to: Valentine in My Headphones, Collide, Clash PORT OF Est. are a perfect three in the morning band. Not the kind of three in the morning where you’re hanging off of a crossbeam in a club, having your hearing systematically […]Read More