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Throwback Thursday: In The Morning // Razorlight

Indie rockers Razorlight might have scored their No. 1 with the single ‘America’ but our favourite song is ‘In The Morning’. The guitar licks have a distinct 2006 quality to them, and it’s the saccharine pop factor to the track which makes it impossible not to sing into your hairbrush as you’re getting ready, which […]Read More

Super Happy Fun America: The Myth of Straight Pride

This week, a Boston-based group, Super Happy Fun America, applied for a permit with the City of Boston to host a ‘Straight Pride Parade’, so named because, as the group believes, straight people are amongst an oppressed majority. In a world where they are subject to the politically-correct standards of the so-called gay agenda in […]Read More

Review: Granta Magazine

Around this time last year, I was writing a Christmas list and looking for something a bit more imaginative to put on it (something that gets harder with each year). I decided I would ask for a subscription to a renowned literary journal. As you do. Granta is a long standing and widely read literary […]Read More

Britain should celebrate itself, not ape its Atlantic friend

On a recent trip through Oxford, I gazed unwittingly upon a sight that perhaps speaks far more profoundly than it intends – a former pub with the golden arches logo of McDonalds hanging from its erstwhile sign. In a nation where everything American, from Super Tuesday to Black Friday, is obsessed over or imported, such […]Read More

America: Descriptive Democracy or Male Monarchy?

Want to become President of the USA? Well, if you’re a woman or your surname isn’t Clinton or Bush, the American dream may be an entirely impossible dream. In the wake of both Jeb Bush (son of 41st president and brother of 43rd president) and Hillary Clinton (wife of 42nd president) announcing their run for […]Read More

TV: UK vs US Part 3: The Inbetweeners and The

In the first two entries in this series, I talked about the American adaptations of The Office and House of Cards, and what has made them successful, while so many attempts at bringing shows across the Atlantic have utterly failed. These shows were able to find a unique and original voice while maintaining key elements […]Read More

We Need To Talk About Ferguson

I’m sat in bed and have been staring at a painfully blank page on Microsoft word for the best part of half an hour, knowing not what I want to write but just that I want to write something. I’m angry and tired and confused and upset and I have a whole load of reasons […]Read More

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