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Game Review: NieR: Automata (PS4 VERSION)

A haunted piano note greets me as I boot up NieR: Automata for the first time. Upon launching a new game I am treated to an introductory cut-scene in which the camera floats down to a squadron of super slick convertible mechs zooming across the ocean. One of the main characters laments the cycle of life and wonders aloud if she’ll ever have the opportunity to kill God. It's at this point that I realize I may have severely misjudged this game. Read More

Film News: an insight into the new Alien film

Humans will arrive on a mysterious planet to discover that the remote land is more dangerous than it initially seems. The Weyland Corporation will be up to no good. There will be an android. Monsters will *probably* burst out of people’s chests. It could only be Ridley Scott. It could only be Alien. The first hints about […]Read More

Game Review: Pocket Mortys

Release Date: January 13, 2015 Rating: RP (Rating Pending) Staying true to what makes Rick and Morty a unique show, Pocket Mortys for the mobile device is a Pokemon-like game that is a treat for the fans. One should not be quick to dismiss Pocket Morty as a cheap gimmick, as the game stands out […]Read More