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Knocking Down Walls & Uniting Under Conflict With Brickin’ It

Why do we divide during conflict? How does division effect people? Why haven’t we learned from our past? These are only three of the questions that Brickin’ It Theatre Company are trying to tackle in their brand-new production, Sides. Celebrating thirty years since the fall of the Berlin wall, Sides is set in Berlin during […]Read More

A Blast From The Past: All We Know Is Falling

It’s hard to believe that the now Grammy Award winning pop sensation that is Paramore started as an alternative rock band in a West Tennessee basement. As we celebrate the tenth birthday of their debut album, All We Know Is Falling, we gaze back into a past that consisted of MySpace Top 5’s and emo […]Read More

TV Anniversary: Buffy Turns 18

Even though Sarah Michelle Geller is turning 38 next month, the show that she is best known for, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, came of age itself earlier this month. We’d like to wish a happy birthday to one of Joss Whedon’s most iconic creations, and hope that it can now enjoy adulthood with the older […]Read More