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Game Review: NieR: Automata (PS4 VERSION)

A haunted piano note greets me as I boot up NieR: Automata for the first time. Upon launching a new game I am treated to an introductory cut-scene in which the camera floats down to a squadron of super slick convertible mechs zooming across the ocean. One of the main characters laments the cycle of life and wonders aloud if she’ll ever have the opportunity to kill God. It's at this point that I realize I may have severely misjudged this game. Read More

Game At A Glance: Broforce

Title: Broforce Developer: Free Lives What I Think: Broforce is an arcade-style shooter based on explosions and caricature, with the player using heroes based on various characters from classic action movies. When I say “based”, I mean they’ve added ‘bro’ to their name in some way, however tenuous. Broforce is a comedy game that’s actually fun to play; […]Read More

Game At A Glance: Luftrausers

Title: Luftrausers Developer: Vlambeer What I Think: Luftrausers is an extremely stylish game that resembles an arcade machine, with its 2D pixel graphics and simple controls. You play as a single pilot and your objective is to survive as long as possible while eliminating varying opposition, from small boats to massive zeppelins.  You can change […]Read More