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Does Art Require a Social Purpose?

“The idea of ‘art for art’s sake’ is as strange in our times as ‘science for science’s sake’. All human activities must serve mankind if they are not to remain useless and idle occupations,” Russian philosopher Nikolay Chernyshevsky once said.  To “serve mankind”, Chernyshevsky implies, is to assist the development of man’s consciousness and improve […]Read More

Best of Art Basel 2016

Since 1970 Art Basel has been a hub for contemporary and modern art, bringing together museum directors, curators and a growing international audience of art enthusiasts. Now, over 40 years later, the fair has expanded, taking place three times annually in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami Beach. The 47th edition of Art Basel kicked off […]Read More

We Need To Keep Galleries Free For All

I will argue to the death that art should be free, and accessible for all. Since the 90s, a majority of museums and galleries have been free, with only special exhibitions requiring the purchase of a ticket. Most museums will have a ‘suggested donation’ box or some similar suggestion, but it is optional – there’s […]Read More

“Paint me like one of your Biblical icons”

Although nowadays we are well accustomed to the idea of entering into a gallery and choosing a painting, it was not until around the 19th century and the emergence of artistic movements such as impressionism when artists began to paint for themselves and not solely when they were commissioned to do so. Ella Khalek looks […]Read More

What is beauty?

Ella Khalek looks at five influential art movements, from 500 BC to 1600 AD, to explore the nature of beauty and how we should define it. From the current big booty craze to selfie-stick mania, we are well aware of the ever-changing trends of our society. It is inevitable that people will always be looking […]Read More