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Track Review: Half Smoke // Walrus

Walrus is a psychedelic band from Canada. They’ve gained a reputation for being incredibly hardworking, and recently released a new single, ‘Half Smoke’. The track itself is seeped in psychedelia, from its swirly Tame Impala-influenced guitars right down to the calming vocals. It’s a perfect song to relax to, however, the video is anything but. […]Read More

Track Review: Man Of Another Woman // Yael Naim

Think back to, I don’t know, 2007? A year that gave rise to the pop carnage of N-Dubz and Sean Kingston, who dominated the shelves of HMV –  and I have to admit, 11-year-old me loved it. However nearing the end of the year that globalized the trend of half-naked models gyrating on slightly less attractive […]Read More