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Sly & The Family Stone Release Animated ‘Everyday People’ Video

Sly & The Family Stone have released an animated video adaptation of their 1968 song ‘Everyday People’ in support of Black History Month. 2021 saw Sony’s entertainment channel, This Is Certified, collaborating with BET Digital to establish a four-part digital series in celebration of Black History Month. The #MyBlackIs four-part programme produces weekly animations exploring […]Read More

Celebrating Black Authors: One Book a Day

Just a few months ago, Black Lives Matter content was everywhere. Educational materials, book recommendations, donations, media attention, commitments to anti-racism. That energy sadly seems to have dissipated, even though systemic racism is still very much prevalent in our society. To commemorate Black History Month, to draw attention to it and make sure I keep […]Read More

Why Black History Month Is More Important Than Ever

As the clocks struck midnight on the 31st December 2019, crowds welcomed 2020 with soaring delight. It was even coined the new decade of progress and hailed as the next roaring twenties. Unfortunately, the blissful naivety we once held could never prepare us for the year that brought with it the COVID era. 2020 has […]Read More