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A Blast From The Past: Myra Lee // Cat Power

The second half of the 1990s was a productive period for Cat Power (Chan Marshall). She had released no music prior to 1995 but an eleven-month period saw her shoot out her first three albums: Dear Sir, Myra Lee and What Would The Community Think?, to cult adoration. This trio saw her keeping grunge sentimentality […]Read More

Blast From The Past: Malibu // Anderson .Paak

Five years ago today, Anderson .Paak dropped the Grammy-nominated Malibu, a neo-soul masterpiece often cited as his best work. I’d be inclined to agree with the consensus: Oxnard felt like slightly bland pandering with its excess of features (although the presence of Q-Tip was much appreciated) and Ventura was a bit closer to what was […]Read More

Blast from the Past: The Fall // Gorillaz

Widely regarded as something of an enigma in Gorillaz’s discography, The Fall was infamously recorded on an iPad mid-tour. The album features the predominant work of bandleader Damon Albarn alone (with a short feature from Bobby Womack and several recorded conversations and radio broadcasts). More than enough criticism has been directed at the record for […]Read More

Blast From The Past: In Dreams // After The Burial

Whilst they may have faded a bit more into the background these days, from the late ‘00s to the mid ‘10s After The Burial were one of metalcore’s biggest rising stars. Their first two albums Forging A Future Self and Rareform showcased a uniquely brilliant take on a genre that was starting to become a […]Read More

Blast From The Past: Man on the Moon II: The

A couple of weeks ago, Kid Cudi released a YouTube video teasing the third instalment of the Man on the Moon trilogy; a trilogy of albums that had commenced with his 2009 debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day. And now, his sophomore effort, the 2010 concept album Man on the Moon […]Read More

Blast From The Past: Up the Bracket // The Libertines

Headlines today look cynically upon Argentina, having swaddled itself in economic crisis in a stagnant trend of overspending dating back seventy years. Coverage has frequently pointed to reckless policy and the acquisition of debt behind its shortcomings. “Argentina seems trapped by its own history,” said Argentine economist Daniel Marx this year. As matters are exacerbated […]Read More

Blast From The Past: Paranoid // Black Sabbath

It is hard to imagine how terrifying Black Sabbath must have seemed when they released Paranoid in the autumn of 1970. Nowadays, they are metal royalty but at the time they may as well have sprung up from hell itself. Other rock bands at the time had their rough edges but remained approachable. The Rolling […]Read More

Blast From The Past: Honeymoon // Lana Del Rey

In 2017, Lana Del Rey took to Twitter to cryptically call on her followers to join her in putting a spell on Donald Trump. The move was as unexpected as much as it made complete sense. Known as one of music’s most enigmatic stars, her penchant for hexing was unsurprising. Dipping her toe into American politics, however? A […]Read More

Blast From The Past: Catching a Tiger // Lissie

Despite the impact of a global pandemic, 2020 has seen some quality new music releases. So why choose to review a ten year old album which only received moderate chart success on initial release? Lissie has marked the ten year anniversary of her debut album with a haunting new single ‘Just Because I Can’. The […]Read More

Blast From The Past: Beachcomber’s Windowsill // Stornoway

Instead of containing lyrics or photos of the band, the paper insert of Beachcomber’s Windowsill features beautiful drawings of sea creatures, as though the album itself washed up on shore alongside them for collection by the eponymous beachcomber. Stornoway released their debut album on the 24th May 2010, just weeks after signing a record deal […]Read More

Blast from the Past: Brothers in Arms // Dire Straits

On 26 April 1986, the Brothers in Arms World Tour concluded at Australia’s Sydney Entertainment Centre. Dire Straits’ fifth studio album had propelled them up the charts all across the world, and while the critical reception was mixed, something had landed well with the international audience. In Australia alone, the album sat on top of […]Read More