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Why Do We Love Musical Feuds?

When musicians fall out, they do so spectacularly. Often publicly, stars have fought wars of words, had the occasional scrap, and the more recently favoured legal tiff. Even being dead for decades didn’t stop Marvin Gaye (or his estate at least) taking Robin Thicke to court over his extremely problematic chart-topper ‘Blurred Lines’, the issue […]Read More

‘Trainspotting’ and the art of the perfect soundtrack

With the release of T2: Trainspotting, the sequel to Danny Boyle’s beloved dark comedy drama, the main concern on fans’ minds is how the film will hold up against its predecessor. Trainspotting is a cult favourite within British cinema and it’s easy to see why. Some love it for its memorable dialogue. Some love it for its […]Read More

The Indiependent’s Best of Britpop

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the chart battle between Blur’s ‘Country House’ and Oasis’ ‘Roll With It’, a time when Britpop dominated the airwaves and the UK was witnessing a new age in Rock ‘n’ Roll. Britpop was born as a form of rebellion against the heavier, grungier sounds coming from the USA in […]Read More

Throwback Thursday: Girls and Boys // Blur

It appears not much has changed in the way young people do their holidays since Blur’s 1994 hit single ‘Girls and Boys’ took to the charts and catapulted the band to fame. Taking influence from synth-pop dance tunes and disco beats, the song is an obvious send-up of the hedonistic club culture that occurs during young Brits’ […]Read More

Live Review: Blur – BST // Hyde Park, London, 20.06.15

Hyde Park – the regular stomping ground of Alex, Dave, Damon and Graham, and the scene of perhaps London’s most breath-taking, astounding and utopian music moment in a number of years. In the foreground of a kaleidoscopic set, fit to burst with props (namely a fully-functioning ice cream van) and colour galore, we find a […]Read More

Single Review: Go Out // Blur

Its fair to say that the return of britpop heroes Blur caught just about everyone off guard. The news of a headline spot at this year’s British Summer Time festival and the impending arrival of their 8th studio album ‘Magic Whip’ seemed almost spontaneous, but finally brought an end to a lengthy period of speculation […]Read More

Blur Announce New Record and Hyde Park Show

More than 12 years have passed since Blur fans have been treated to new material, however, Thursday the 19th of February may as well have been December 25th as it the band announced their eighth studio album, The Magic Whip. The news came via social media as thousands of fans across the world waited anxiously following […]Read More