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Film News: Timothée Chalamet to star in Bob Dylan Biopic

Searchlight Pictures has just closed a deal on Going Electric, in which Timothée Chalamet will play a young incarnation of Bob Dylan as he made the jump from folk to rock music. One can’t help but feel excited about the news. A quick glance at James Mangold’s filmography immediately sets him up as a director […]Read More

Album Review: Greasy Elbows // David Kay

The UK’s pubs and dark rooms are among the most honest places when it comes to music. An acoustic artist spilling their life story, background and even their upbringing into a set before strangers can be an intimate, often relatable affair. David Kay has released his debut album Greasy Elbows and it creates a scenario […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Hannah Campbell

You won’t find many people who’ve gone through as much musical taste change as I have. Here’s a rundown of five songs that have impacted my life, or simply stuck around long enough so that I just have to mention them. She’s Not Afraid // One Direction I could lie and say that my taste […]Read More

A Blast From The Past: MTV Unplugged In New York

Many know that you needn’t expect anything less than utter brilliance from Bob Dylan. He is a definite future figurehead for millions across the world (accompanying the likes of Cobain and Hendrix) without any musically educated objection.  Unplugged has been an MTV pinnacle for many years, and all of the world’s most famous artists have […]Read More

My Life in Songs: Kirsty Jackson

Anyone who knows me knows how much I value music, I’m often seen in the corner of the dingy HMV in town looking through the albums and the vinyl that are stacked in the corner. It’s been at the forefront of relationships I’ve formed in the past both romantic and platonic. It’s helped me get through […]Read More

A Blast From The Past: Blood On The Tracks //

Analysing the deep and dark corners of any man is hard, let alone Bob Dylan. Submerged, in a mist of myths and melodies that leave you dreaming, he remains detached from society living in a cave concocting his next cocktail of crafty lyrics. Despite his desperate withdrawal from the public eye, he is renowned as […]Read More