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Poem of the Week: The View from Halfway Down //

The weak breeze whispers nothingThe water screams sublimeHis feet shift, teeter-totterDeep breath, stand back, it’s time Toes untouch the overpassSoon he’s water-boundEyes locked shut but peek to seeThe view from halfway down A little wind, a summer sunA river rich and regalA flood of fond endorphinsBrings a calm that knows no equal You’re flying nowYou […]Read More

TV Review: ‘Big Mouth’ Strikes Again

Adolescence is a topic that is rich for comedy, but the balance needs to be right. Playing the crude card is a way to get an easy laugh, but it’s more difficult to twist conventions and make crude clever. The likes of the American Pie franchise, and latterly TV programmes such as The Inbetweeners and […]Read More

TV Review: Bojack Horseman Season 3

Bojack Horseman isn’t the easiest show to recommend to people. After all, we’re talking about an animated dramedy that follows a talking horse (Will Arnett in the performance of his career) who used to be on a Full House-esque sitcom and is now struggling to move past his former glory and find happiness. You could […]Read More