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Book Review: Heroes // Stephen Fry

As a child, I listened to retellings of the Ancient Greek myths on my cassette player over and over again. When I was a few years older, I was hooked on the Percy Jackson audiobooks. This year, I purchased the audiobook of Stephen Fry’s Mythos, which tells the stories of the Greek gods, to listen […]Read More

A24 Releases ‘Hereditary’ Screenplay Book

Film production company A24 has released some of the best films of recent years – films so good that they can be experienced in more than one medium. Independent film fans can now buy books exploring some of A24’s films, with the latest addition being Ari Aster’s modern horror-classic Hereditary.    This will be the […]Read More

Book Review: Girl, Woman, Other // Bernardine Evaristo

Having won the coveted Booker Prize in 2019, it’s likely the name Bernardine Evaristo has come up once or twice as a book recommendation. If you were still in any doubt over whether to read the outstanding Girl, Woman, Other hopefully, this is last bit of convincing you need.  Evaristo’s eighth book is a deeply […]Read More

Book By My Bedside: Paradise Lost, Book IX // John

Title: Paradise Lost, Book IX. Author: John Milton. What I think so far: This isn’t technically a book, but is instead a long poem from the 1600s; it needs to be considered as such. Reading it as an atheist who respects women (in the words of Charlotte Bronte, “Milton tried to see the first woman. […]Read More

Book Review: Chinese Cinderella // Adeline Yen Mah

“…As for Father, he doesn’t even remember my name. In his mind, I’m nothing. Less than nothing. A piece of garbage to be thrown out…” If the name ‘Cinderella’ evokes thoughts of a poor girl mistreated by her step-mother, then you’re headed in the right direction, but without the same happy-ever-after. Adeline Yen Mah tells […]Read More