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Book Review: Delirium // Lauren Oliver

With Valentines Day only weeks away, love is all around. But what if love were a disease? Love is undeniably an element we are encouraged to find within every aspect of our lives. Find a career you love, find a person that you love, find a food you love and so on… Whilst the definition […]Read More

Book News: Harper Lee to Release a Second Novel

Following the release of her 1960 debut novel, Harper Lee was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. The immediate success of To Kill a Mockingbird ensured that Harper Lee is now one of the most influential writers of the late 20th century, known for her bravery in writing a story that presents so prominently the racial tensions […]Read More

Book By My Bedside: On The Road // Jack Kerouac

Title: On The Road Author: Jack Kerouac What I think so far:  While I’m, quite frankly, obsessed with American Literature, I’m unsure as to why it has taken me so long to read one of the classics. The story follows the narrator, Sal Paradise, on his exuberant journey across America. This book takes the reader on […]Read More

Book Review: Greetings, Hero // Aiden O’Reilly

Aiden O’Reilly is almost faultless in his presentation of a certain way of life much of the world has probably encountered, in one way or another, but may never have paid much attention to. Greetings, Hero is a collection of short stories detailing alienated lives of O’Reilly’s male-dominated world, through events of unstable European emigration, the legacy […]Read More

Book Review: The Girl With All The Gifts // M.

M. J Carey’s novel The Girl With All The Gifts will most likely be found in the Zombie or Apocalypse area of your local library. However, I don’t believe either of these genres do the book justice. The zombie image has been overused and wrung dry in past novels and films, yet Carey resurrects it […]Read More

The Literature Behind Lou Reed

Lou Reed has always been something of a fascination and an enigma. It would appear that the basis of Lou’s often chaotic musical career was rooted in literature, which The Indiependent‘s Kristen was keen to investigate. Legend has it that Lou Reed and John Cale found a copy of journalist Michael Leigh’s 1963 paperback Velvet Underground on the […]Read More

My Life In Books: Juliette Rowsell

Unlike most wannabe Literature students, I didn’t get into Literature until a relatively late age. While yeah, I’d always enjoyed reading, my book collection had never strayed far beyond A Series of Unfortunate Events and Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. However, this all changed at the tender age of thirteen. It was at this age […]Read More

The World of Literature

Literature has the power to transport you to different times, places and worlds. But when was the last time you explored ‘the world of literature’, so to say? We are constantly bombarded by work by the likes of English writers like Austen, Dickens and Wilde, but we are rarely exposed to work by foreign authors. Literature […]Read More

Book Review: It’s Kind Of A Funny Story // Ned

In this simple but profound novel tackling teenage depression, Ned Vizzini has captured what it truly feels like to have such a debilitating mental illness but he has achieved this with immense humour, irony and total honesty. Craig Gilner is under pressure from his highly competitive school, Executive Pre-Professional in Manhattan, to achieve, achieve, achieve […]Read More

My Life In Books: Megan Stanley

Another lazy Sunday: What does that mean, you ask? It means it’s time for another ‘My Life in Books.’ This week, it’s Megan Stanley’s turn to write about the books that define her life. Matilda // Roald Dahl The brilliant words of Roald Dahl have captured the imagination of children worldwide, and I am no […]Read More

Book Review: Slaughterhouse 5 // Kurt Vonnegut

*N.B. this contains a couple of spoilers but definitely not enough to ruin the book for you.* Thumbing through the books my moderately small local library had to offer, automatically skipping the so-called “chick lit” and fantasy sections, and meandering to the shelf that fell under the broad title of ‘fiction:’ the kind of title […]Read More

Book Review: Rock Stars Stole My Life! // Mark Ellen

At first glance Rock Stars Stole My Life! may seem like the kind of read you’d be able to relate to and empathise with, but, let me tell you, Mark Ellen’s story is not a common one. Having spent his career interviewing music heroes, presenting Live Aid, standing in for John Peel and even gigging about in […]Read More

My Life In Books: Megan Bakewell

A New Year, a new-ish tradition for The Indipendent’s Books section. This week, Megan writes about the five books that managed to make a lasting impression on her in ways no other books did. Intrigued? Read on, good friends… The Famous Five // Enid Blyton Take me back a few years and I can remember […]Read More

Book Review: Autobiography // Morrissey

Steven Patrick Morrissey, otherwise known simply as Morrissey, has had a career lasting for almost 40 years. He has established himself as one of music’s greatest lyrical poets, both as part of ‘The Smiths’ and as a solo artist, and is quoted all over the world. Morrissey is accompanied by legions of fans consisting of […]Read More