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Bookshop of the Week: Barter Books, Alnwick

Northumberland: England’s northernmost county. Perhaps more renowned for its national parks, Roman wall, and the abundance of medieval castles dotted along its craggy coastline, rather than the presence of one of Europe’s biggest second-hand bookshops. Located just down the road from Alnwick Castle and the Alnwick Gardens – the site of the iconic flying lesson […]Read More

Bookshop of the Week: Red Lion Books, Colchester

Nestled in Britain’s oldest recorded town, Colchester is Red Lion Books – an independent bookshop in the heart of the high street. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the school run and shoppers, Red Lion books provide the town with not only books but is a significant community hotspot. Although Colchester is known for its […]Read More

Bookshop Of The Week: Bookmongers, Brixton

I often think there are a number of ways you can categorise people, small things that reveal more telling personality traits. Do they brush their teeth before or after breakfast? Do they drink instant coffee or only the barista standard? Do they use recipe books or make it up as they go along? I realised […]Read More

Bookshop of the Week: Treasure Chest Books, Felixstowe

As the nation turns to reading to escape the uncertainty and stresses of living through a global pandemic, the multinational giant, Amazon, has seen a boom in sales. Ordering books at the click of a button and having them delivered to your doorstep has never been so easy. However, the culmination of the first lockdown, […]Read More

Bookshop Of The Week: Griffin Books, Penarth

Bookshops have always been a solid source of happiness and comfort in my life. Taking those spontaneous trips to a bookshop on a dull day to browse and wander is something many of us have done and love doing. It’s what made me fall in love with reading, the possibilities of a bookshop. However, there’s […]Read More