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Online Startup Launched Supporting Independent Bookshops

On the 2nd November, the website Bookshop was launched in the UK, with the intention of financially supporting local, independent bookshops, particularly during these arduous times. Since lockdown was implemented in March, Amazon’s profits have almost doubled to a sickening quarterly profit of $5.2 billion. It seems many of its customers find the ease of […]Read More

Bookshop of the Week: Voltaire & Rousseau, Glasgow

As a stereotypical English Literature and Philosophy student, I love a good wander around a bookshop, or even many bookshops if I’m feeling self-indulgent and I’ve got some spare time on my hands. At least, I did before the whole, y’know, worldwide pandemic came and closed said bookshops. But the point of this new feature […]Read More

Theatre Review: Feathers // Gutter Street Theatre Company

On Friday night, I was fortunate enough to once again witness a piece of new, live theatre. Yes, you heard that right! New! Live! Gutter Street Theatre Company’s latest offering, Feathers is being performed in The Calder Theatre Bookshop, and it truly set the mark for what the future of socially-distanced theatre should look like; […]Read More