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Music News: T in the Park to pay tribute to

T in the Park festival organisers have announced The Rogue Orchestra as the latest musical act to join the lineup, and will be using their slot to pay tribute to David Bowie and Prince, both of whom died earlier this year. The Scottish “freelance cross-genre session orchestra” will be opening the festival’s Main Stage on Sunday 10th July, the final […]Read More

David Bowie: Hero of the Outcasts

David Bowie was destined to be an outcast from only the age of fifteen when, after getting punched in the eye by dear friend George Underwood after a scuffle over a girl, Bowie was left with a permanently dilated pupil. Bowie’s death this week came as a shock and tragic announcement to many, but perhaps […]Read More

Album Attack: Electric Warrior vs Hunky Dory

Marc Bolan is something of a forgotten man of the 70’s. His untimely death in a car crash in 1977 has perhaps meant that he could not do greater things than he had already accomplished. Bolan was a superstar in the early 70’s, but was eclipsed by the fast-rising star of David Bowie, who has […]Read More