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To understand Brexit, we have to understand the island of

At school, I learnt about the Tudors. I learnt about the World Wars and how British troops fought to defend freedom and democracy. I learnt about the history of my school, and about the Industrial Revolution. In all those years of learning however, I never was taught about the island just across the water, a […]Read More

Prorogation Unlawful: What Happened in the Supreme Court

Yesterday we all witnessed something quite unprecedented. The UK’s highest court led by its President Lady Hale held that the British government’s decision to prorogue Parliament in the run up to the impending Brexit deadline was unlawful and, therefore, void. This past week has seen our major constitutional players – the judiciary, the government and […]Read More

Boris Johnson: Britain’s Bumbling Dictator?

On the 28thAugust, the Queen formally gave consent to Boris Johnson and his government to suspend Parliament from no later than the 12thSeptember until the 14thOctober 2019. Johnson’s inventive plan is the latest tactic from his aggressively pro-Brexit government to push through a so-called ‘No-Deal Exit’ with the minimum of input from Parliament, most notably […]Read More

The People’s Vote: Democracy or Heresy?

Brexit: it’s a word that is on everyone’s lips at the moment (though begrudgingly for most of us). Over two years have elapsed since one of the most historic and divisive political controversies in recent times. Two years, several legal challenges and a host of ministerial resignations later, very little seems to have been resolved. […]Read More

General Election 2017: An Overview of the Results

It’s been a strange night. The 2017 General Election has resulted in a hung parliament, the worst possible scenario for the Conservatives. Who would have thought it just seven weeks ago, when the election was called on the back of a Tory landslide in the polls? Our ‘Strong and Stable’ leader has been forced to […]Read More

Jeremy Corbyn loses ‘no confidence’ vote among Labour MPs by

Following the UK’s vote to leave the EU last Thursday, Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has been called into question by members of his shadow cabinet. A leadership coup began with shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn telling Corbyn he had no confidence in his leadership. Benn was then sacked, which triggered a succession of resignations from Corbyn’s […]Read More

Film News: Brexit set to have profound negative effect on

In this political pandemonium created by Britain’s vote to exit the EU where the value of our currency is dropping faster than the Labour shadow cabinet and angry posts litter your social media feeds, it seems that one very important area of impact is being overlooked: Culture. Whilst freedom of movement, currency values, employment, political […]Read More

Don’t Blame All of the Working Class for Brexit.

In the aftermath of the EU Referendum, in which 51.9% of the UK voted to leave the European Union, many disheartened Remain campaigners are looking for someone to blame. Over the past two days I have seen countless accusations that the working class, or simply ‘the poor’, caused this. As a working class Remain voter, I […]Read More

A Call to Arms: the Young Should Spit at the

As someone who currently has the European fence stuck firmly between each buttock; I would like to suggest the case for Brexit as I see it, for the sake of objectivity and democracy, in reply to the recent article by a colleague entitled ‘What’s The Point In Brexit?’. So, to shoot the elephant in the […]Read More

Was isolation what made Britain great?

This week, the people of Britain will vote in a referendum which will determine Britain’s future and add a substantial number of pages to the history books of the future. But with the debate so far consisting of the throwing back-and-forth of criticisms and praises of the EU, there is a vital topic missing. Did […]Read More

What’s the point in Brexit?

On the 23rd of June Britain will be making the most important choice in a generation: a choice between isolation or unity. Much of the reason why this referendum is even taking place is because of the massive issues the EU has been facing since the financial crash of 2008. With the backdrop of weak […]Read More