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We must hold government responsible over the Panama papers

The recent leak of 11.5 million documents from Panamanian-based law firm Mossack Fonseca has sparked global outrage. And quite rightly so. 143 politicians from around the world, 12 of whom are current or former national leaders, were revealed to be evading the law and going to every length to avoid paying tax. Yet the British […]Read More

IDS’ resignation could revitalise the Leave campaign…and Labour

You’ve probably seen that one of Britain’s most unpopular cabinet ministers has resigned.  In any other context, this could be seen as an inevitable culture clash between the older Conservatives, who traditionally focus more on austerity economics and free market liberalism and the younger Conservatives, who try to appeal to average voters by increasing their […]Read More

Britain should celebrate itself, not ape its Atlantic friend

On a recent trip through Oxford, I gazed unwittingly upon a sight that perhaps speaks far more profoundly than it intends – a former pub with the golden arches logo of McDonalds hanging from its erstwhile sign. In a nation where everything American, from Super Tuesday to Black Friday, is obsessed over or imported, such […]Read More

Maintenance Grants: The Continuing Attack on Students

On 15th January, a committee of MPs scrapped maintenance grants for university students. In place of these grants, tailored to help students with the cost of living, will be loans. While the threshold of money a student can receive has increased from a maximum of £7,434 a year to £8,200 a year (or £10,702 if […]Read More

The Year in Review: 2015

2015 was not all doom and gloom. I’m not normally one for excessive optimism but every element of positivity (or is it naivety?) in me would like to believe that. I must admit, it’s a tall order: every week, the headlines inspired little more than sadness, despair and an overwhelming desire to roll over, go […]Read More

Jez We Can: Analysing Corbyn’s Victory

The polls are closed – and today the new face of the Labour Party has been announced. Of course, the candidates already knew the results before any of us did. In this event, the expressions on their faces are always our greatest bet at working out who has won, before the nail-biting moment and the […]Read More

The Chilcot Report: Bureaucracy At Its Worst?

Over six years ago, in a happier time when David Cameron’s face didn’t loom smugly over British politics, the Chilcot report was commissioned. The report concerned the ‘dodgy dossier’ and the subsequent Iraq war which began in 2003 under the premiership of Tony Blair, who has since been severely criticised for his decision to go […]Read More

Eurosceptic Fever: Should Britain Remain In The EU?

With four million voting in favour of UKIP on May 7th, Euroscepticism is becoming an increasingly mainstream concept. Conservative MPs continuously rebel against their party’s bills to put forward their discontent about the UK’s position within the European Union and a Eurosceptic branch on the left-wing is also increasing in popularity, with one of its […]Read More

All Aboard The Politics Train: Segregation Is Nothing New

A hoard of angry tweets. ‘WomenOnlyCarriages’ trends throughout the UK twittersphere. Liz Kendall exits her cave along with other spectators of the Labour leadership competition to gawp at this unfathomable circumstance; a politician has actually listened to voters. Revolutionary stuff. This is the trainwreck that is British politics. Jeremy Corbyn has always been painted as […]Read More

David Cameron is just a bloke going on holiday. Leave

A little over 100 days into his second term as Prime Minister, footage has emerged of David Cameron doing something that has truly shocked the nation. The footage in question doesn’t implicate him in any kind of sleazy scandal, underhand Machiavellian arrangements or financial skulduggery. No, it simply showed him sitting on an easyJet flight, eating Paprika flavoured Pringles. In the […]Read More

Why You Should Vote For… Andy Burnham

Labour is in desperate need of cohesive left-wing leadership if it is to regain any ground before the 2020 general election, and I believe Andy Burnham is the man to provide this. Our Scottish vote has been almost universally decimated, and it’s not going to come back in the next 5 years. Instead, the focus […]Read More

Why You Should Vote For… Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s last-minute entry into the leadership election race was something of a surprise, the veteran left-winger qualified with 36 nominations, just scraping the bare minimum in order to be entered, nominated only 12 days before entry closed. However, since then his campaign has snowballed, the younger elements of the party in particular have been […]Read More

Why you should vote for… Yvette Cooper

With the Labour leadership contest in full swing, many of you may be starting to ponder over who to vote for.  Perhaps Jeremy Corbyn, with his veteran left-winger charm? Or maybe Liz Kendall, with her ‘modernising,’ Blairite policies? Alternatively, you may not think now is the time for the Labour Party to take a drastic […]Read More

Why you should vote for… Liz Kendall

After a galling worse-than-the-worst-case-scenario election defeat in May, the Labour Party has, understandably, given off the impression of being largely in a state of shock. Half a decade’s efforts of shifting their image leftwards from their former ‘New Labour’ guise have transpired to be a purely vote-repelling exercise, and many of its key figures have […]Read More

Tories in Red Ties?

The cause of Labour’s general election defeat is no great mystery. It wasn’t down to the ridicule that followed cringeworthy PR stunts like their The Thick Of It-esque gaffe, carved into a two tonne solid stone plinth. Nor was it down to the much prophesied ‘political earthquake’ that Nigel Farage had foretold. It wasn’t even […]Read More