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Track Review: Home // SPINN

It’s time to add SPINN to the long list of the coolest Liverpool bands. The four-piece, made up of lead singer and guitarist Jonathon Quinn, lead guitarist and keyboard player Andy Power, bassist and backing vocalist Sean McLachlan and drummer George Whitehead, are a dreamy jangle-pop delight. Their newest single ‘Home’ floats by, transporting the […]Read More

The Presentation of Working Class Life in Raised by Wolves

Caitlin and Caroline Moran’s sitcom Raised by Wolves is all a viewer could want from a comedy with political overtones. The working class life the Morans present is actually close to perfect, unchallenged in its honesty and powerful in its unwillingness to apologise. Coming from a working class background myself, my family has always managed […]Read More

Books to Fall in Love with this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love. But when love is so complex, so intense, so soul-encompassing, how are mere mortals like ourselves ever meant to be able to express our love? Fortunately for us, ‘love’ is a topic that writers have been making into an art form since literature was still in its foetus form. […]Read More

The Sound of the Working Class

Those who argue that class struggles were a feature of Victorian Britain alone are too far up the social ladder to understand how the other half live. Under Conservative rule, the level of poverty is increasing. With the rising number of families part of the ‘working poor’ – an umbrella term to describe those who […]Read More

Album Review: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful // Florence

The sight of the sky above Los Angeles stole the heart of an English rose and she turned it into a piece of art. In the four years since the release of Ceremonials, the musical grandeur Florence + the Machine mastered has subsided, revealing only this purity, exposed but powerful, in the midst something uncontrollable. […]Read More

My Life in Songs: Caitlin O’Connor

This week, our Books editor Caitlin strays from her regular path into the territory of music. Having selected five songs that define her life, we’re fruitlessly resisting the urge to make a comment about now being able to read her like an open book. So, without further ado, take it away Caitlin! Kingston Town // […]Read More

My Life In Books: Caitlin O’Connor

There’s something about literature that intrigued me from a young age, prompting a love that I hope will last forever. I’ve always been in awe of stories and interested in finding out little details of lives I’ve never known, in whichever form of storytelling I come to know of them, but the beauty and effortlessness […]Read More