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Inspirational Charity Founder: Oa Hackett

It would be far too easy to label Oa Hackett as inspiring because she is a cancer survivor who used that experience to help others. Doing so would be unfair on the vast numbers of people who have done the same. To define Hackett by cancer is a cliche and one that misses the sense […]Read More

Prints For Music: Photographers Donate Prints to Raise Money For

Music photographers recently donated prints to raise money for live crews who have been unable to work during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Prints For Music initiative featured over 100 prints of popular artists such as Bob Marley, Katy Perry and David Bowie. This is the first time that some of these images have been sold […]Read More

Birmingham Hippodrome raises over £26,000

Over £26,000 has been raised for the Birmingham Hippodrome to expand its support for over 5,000 young people in Birmingham and the West Midlands. A £20,000 target was set after the theatre joined The Big Give Christmas Challenge campaign, which is the UK’s largest online match funding campaign. In the time the campaign was active, […]Read More

Comic Relief and White Saviorism: Why David Lammy is Right

The recent Twitter spat between MP David Lammy and journalist Stacey Dooley has highlighted just how uncomfortable the UK’s relationship with charity in Africa is. Dooley posted an image of herself and a Ugandan child on her Instagram, where she was filming for Comic Relief; Lammy then commented on Twitter that “the world does not need […]Read More

Book News: Buy Books For Syria: We Can Make a

Syria has been in the news since the uprising in 2011. At first it was the horrors of a brutal civil war that shocked the world. Five years on, however, the crisis has reached a whole new level. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled their war-torn countries in search of peace and a safe […]Read More