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TV News: Gavin and Stacey to return for Christmas special

It’s official – Gavin and Stacey are back. James Corden (Smithy, co-creator) dropped the bombshell on Twitter this morning, revealing that he and Ruth Jones (Nessa, co-creator) had joined forces once again to return to Barry and Billericay ten years after the series ended. In a joint statement, they said “”Over the last 10 years […]Read More

TV News: David Bowie Rumoured For 2016 John Lewis Christmas

In recent years, the John Lewis Christmas Advert has become one of the most eagerly anticipated presents of the holiday season; people huddled round their TV’s (or in most cases, their laptops), tissues at the ready, ready to weep as a breathy singer covers an emotional song whilst an animal/cute child frolics onscreen. With the […]Read More

The modern Christmas is just an expression of capitalist desire

It’s over. The national panic of Christmas shopping for presents, decorations and food has ended.  People no longer hurry into shops looking to throw their money at whatever or whomever they can in order to get what they need. We can, at last, rest. Christmas existed before Christianity, but was largely popularised as the celebration […]Read More