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Phoebe Dynevor To Star In ‘The Colour Room’

Phoebe Dynevor is set to play the lead in an original Sky film titled The Colour Room. The young actress rose to stardom as the leading lady in Netflix’s recent record-breaking series Bridgerton as Daphne. This will be her first role since the series. Dynevor will play the character Clarice Cliff, a pioneering ceramic artist […]Read More

Interview: Emanuela Rossi on Women, Fatherhood and Religion

Emanuela Rossi, director of Darkness, explores the themes that have inspired her first feature, as well as the film’s prophetic nature. Darkness was released in 2019, when Covid was still an unexplored threat, lurking in the background. So, the first striking theme of the film is its resemblance to our current situation. In fact, it’s […]Read More

Did We Judge ‘The Goldfinch’ Too Harshly?

When I first watched The Goldfinch I, like many others, was incredibly disappointed with how it turned out. What was once a film that had everything going for it—a big name director in John Crowley, a great ensemble cast, literary merit in its source material—became nothing more than boring Oscar bait and a critical and […]Read More

Heading Back Into No-Man’s-Land: Does 1917 Still Work On A

Remember last Christmas? That’s Christmas 2019, not the godawful Emilia Clarke/George Michael tie-up literally nobody asked for. Well, last Christmas, director Sam Mendes released 1917, a film seemingly purpose-built to fill yards of column inches and storm into first place on the list of ‘your dad’s favourite war films’. It’s now Summer 2020 and 1917 […]Read More

Taron Egerton To Star In Film About Iconic Game ‘Tetris’

Fans of retro puzzle games rejoice: Tetris is to be brought to life on the big screen. The 80s-set biopic Tetris will detail the legal battle over the game’s ownership rights, with Taron Egerton signed on to star as video game entrepreneur Henk Rogers. Welsh Golden Globe winner Egerton is best known for his role […]Read More

Film: Damaging Delays and Video On Demand – The Uncertain

Film Editor Elliott Jones explores some of the ramifications the global Coronavirus pandemic is having for the year’s cinema release slate No Time to Die, Fast and Furious 9, Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984. These films are a select few that have suffered lengthy delays at the hand of COVID-19. However, whilst these films […]Read More

‘Killing Eve’ Star Jodie Comer Tipped To Play Miss Honey

Jodie Comer is reportedly in line to star as Miss Honey in a new film adaptation of Matilda: The Musical. The news may come as a surprise to those familiar with Comer’s award-winning performance as the ruthless Villanelle in hit TV series Killing Eve, who is perhaps the direct opposite of the kind-hearted schoolteacher Miss Honey.   The new film, which is backed by Netflix, will […]Read More

Film News: Anna Karina Dies aged 79

“Her gaze was the gaze of the New Wave. It will remain so forever […] Today, French cinema is an orphan. It loses one of its legends.” That was the summation by Franck Reister, Culture Minister of France, on the impact of French New Wave icon, Anna Karina, who has died at the age of […]Read More

Film News: A24 Release Limited Edition Books

Since its inception seven years ago, A24 has taken great strides in transforming itself from a fledgling production company into a powerhouse of independent cinema, with no less than 25 Academy Awards under their belt. With films such as Lady Bird, The Killing of a Sacred Deer and this year’s cult summer hit, Midsommar, it […]Read More