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The Glorious Gladiatorial Arena of Labour Factions

Suffering a decade out of power and in dire straits, the Labour party has recently adopted an innovative new electoral strategy. It is a party characterised by division; the boundaries between factions are marked by scars. What it has elected to do, then, is plug its fingers very firmly and deeply into those scars, tearing […]Read More

Jeremy Corbyn loses ‘no confidence’ vote among Labour MPs by

Following the UK’s vote to leave the EU last Thursday, Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has been called into question by members of his shadow cabinet. A leadership coup began with shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn telling Corbyn he had no confidence in his leadership. Benn was then sacked, which triggered a succession of resignations from Corbyn’s […]Read More

A Labour Party in pieces

We all knew that there would be a political fall out in the event of a Brexit, but we never expected it to be this sudden and extreme. The Labour Party is crumbling before our eyes, disintegrating into chaos, and its very own leader is at the epicentre of it all. In a dead of […]Read More

The Left Rises in the West

Jeremy Corbyn has been elected Labour leader in an astonishing campaign, with the Blairites and nay sayers being resoundingly ignored about the future prospects of Labour under Corbyn. The Labour party members have spoken, and a democratic election that saw the parties’ membership rise at the fastest rate since 1951 has produced a result that […]Read More

Not Jeremy, please

Opinion Editor Tony Diver explores the flawed popularity of Jeremy Corbyn.  Modern Labour is in the midst of an identity crisis. It was born in 1997 with the rejuvenation of cobwebbed Old Labour, it enjoyed a glorious childhood until 2010 and now – at the age of eighteen – it’s looking to leave home, throw […]Read More