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Theatre Review: Romantics Anonymous // Wise Children

Wise Children, a company created and led by Emma Rice, present Romantics Anonymous, streamed from Bristol Old Vic to living rooms everywhere. Based on the 2010 French-Belgian film Les Émotifs Anonymes, this production is an all-singing, all-dancing delight. It follows the complex relationship of talented chocolatier Angélique (Carly Bawden) and chocolate factory owner Jean-René (Marc Antolin), […]Read More

Helping the Homeless: Can’t or Won’t?

As recently reported by Metro, the start of September didn’t just mark the end of ‘Eat out to Help Out’ and back to school – it also marked the day in which dozens of rough sleepers were turfed out back onto the streets after three months of being housed in hotels. As society (and more […]Read More

An Open Letter To Oliver Dowden

Dear Mr Dowden, Oliver – if you will.  I’m writing to you because, well, I have some questions. A few days ago, you expressed that you wanted theatres open by Christmas. You floated the idea of offering mass testing to audiences and therefore being able to scrap social distancing measures. Now, I feel like I’ve […]Read More

Government ‘Fat Shaming’ Doesn’t Help People Like Me With Binge

Trigger Warning: This article contains references to binge eating disorder In March 2020, when the global COVID 19 pandemic hit, there was mass panic about this virus and how it would change our lives. The increasing number of infections were reported daily and the message ‘stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives’ was everywhere. […]Read More

Waiting In The Wings For An Industry To Return

Since the theatre industry’s final curtain call on 16th March 2020, the West End and other theatres across the UK have yet to fully reopen. Performers and crew members have been left waiting in the wings until theatreland can properly be resumed and enjoyed. We are yet to fully understand the overall effects of the […]Read More

Theatre Review: Watching Rosie // Original Theatre Online

Watching Rosie was created by actress and playwright, Louise Coulthard. Her new work centres around the heartbreak caused by COVID-19, specifically focusing on family members who could not see each other during isolation. Her main characters are a young girl and her grandmother, who is living with dementia. The show was written to raise awareness […]Read More