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Conspiracies are comforting, but the Trump Tapes showed their limits

To say that conspiracy theories are popular these days is probably the understatement of the century. You might as well call the rules of time travel in Avengers: Endgame ‘a bit confusing’, or Godzilla ‘rather big’. Studies have suggested that a sizeable proportion of us believe at least one, and with a worldwide pandemic and […]Read More

A Year In Review: How Hit TV Reflected 2020

As pubs and theatres closed, social events cancelled, and millions of workers furloughed this year, many of us turned to our trusty small screens for entertainment. BBC News viewing figures shot up, as Brits sought out the comforting familiarity of Huw Edward’s dulcet Welsh tones. Streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ saw their membership and […]Read More

Theatre Review: Walk of Shame // [email protected]

Trigger warning: this performance and review of Walk of Shame contains references to sexual assault and drug misuse. As part of [email protected]’s Season 2 line-up, Walk of Shame is a brilliantly thought-provoking, hard-hitting piece on the importance of sexual consent. Written by Stephanie Silver and Amelia Lovsey, and directed by Michelle Payne, the performance also […]Read More

10 Ways to Help Your Local Theatre

No one really needs reminding that their local theatre is struggling right now, with some venues managing to open in fits and starts over Summer, and many remaining completely closed since March. But if you’ve been sat clutching your tickets, praying that your favourite theatre will stay open long enough for you to see your […]Read More

A Mental Health Crisis Is Looming Thanks To COVID-19

When the catastrophic storm of COVID-19 hit the world was unprepared, it left huge destruction in its wake. With the number of cases rising at an alarming rate within the week of March 16th – 23rd, with the total infections rising to almost 100,000, drastic action needed to be taken in a bid to control the virus. […]Read More

Life Is Short, Don’t Let It Be Dictated By Fear

Fear is a complex emotion. Though traditionally seen as a negative feeling that makes us worried and unhappy, the truth is that fear takes many different forms. A fear of losing your job, for example, is wildly different to a fear of spiders. Indeed, horror is a genre of fiction specifically made for those who […]Read More

How Can We Step Out Of 2020’s Dark Shadow?

It’s neither bold nor new to admit that this year, 2020, has been a nightmarish fever dream that we’d all love to wake up from. Alas, I regret to inform you that this isn’t a dream: you are awake, reading the latest copy of The Indiependent, maybe wondering how this year could get any worse […]Read More

My Brother Is 21 And Has Autism – At Christmas,

How do you recall Christmas Day in your early twenties? Perhaps you remember an in-depth, wine-fuelled interrogation of your love life by extended family members. Maybe it’s the sheer luxury of coming home from your dingy rental flat to a glorious homemade feast – a welcome contrast to your usual fare of Sainsbury’s ready meals […]Read More

Prints For Music: Photographers Donate Prints to Raise Money For

Music photographers recently donated prints to raise money for live crews who have been unable to work during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Prints For Music initiative featured over 100 prints of popular artists such as Bob Marley, Katy Perry and David Bowie. This is the first time that some of these images have been sold […]Read More

Calling People ‘Covidiots’ Isn’t Helpful

For many people, the distribution of a Covid-19 vaccine is joyful and prosperous news. Pride and a rare glimpse of optimism were felt as we watched 90-year-old Margaret Keenan get vaccinated by May Parsons in Coventry earlier this month. It was a celebration of the tiresome work of the NHS staff and the incredible achievement […]Read More