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Virtual Speed Dating: The Future For Singles?

I sit in bed, tinnie in hand, eagerly awaiting the handsome eligible bachelors that would soon be popping up on my screen. I’m not wearing my usual date attire, favouring holey Christmas pyjama bottoms from 2008 over jeans and a nice top. To be honest, I feel very content. No constraints of uncomfortable shoes; just […]Read More

Accelerated Change In The Fashion Industry

New York Times journalist Irina Aleksander’s recent article ‘Sweatpants Forever’ to me has become required reading. Exploring the decline of the fashion industry, the piece exposes how commercial and consumer behaviours have radically altered the sector for the worse. Simply put, the ‘decline of the fashion industry’ is a term summarising how the way that […]Read More

Trump’s Assault on Post Office Threatens Election Integrity

In the week where the Republican party is holding its virtual convention, US President Donald Trump is attempting to promote a positive message. It served as an official rebuttal to a week of Democrats blasting President Donald Trump in their convention. Speakers at the RNC praised Trump’s character, his first-term accomplishments, and his performance during the coronavirus […]Read More