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‘There’s No Stopping The Arts’: Meet The Indie Filmmakers Looking

Harry Richards thought he had done everything right. Preparing to shoot his third short film, Santi, last month, the young indie director was convinced he’d considered every eventuality. His crew would be Covid-tested and take a safety course. Masks and social distancing would be mandatory on-set. There would be sanitisation points and a Covid supervisor. […]Read More

Us and Them: Influencers and Their Followers

Opening Instagram can be overwhelming at the worst of times, but during a global pandemic? Gut wrenching. Whilst millions of people have been dying throughout the world due to Covid-19, some of our favourite influencers and celebrities have been ramming products, holidays and events down our throats. There has always been a well established divide […]Read More

The Welsh government never solved the ‘essential’ problem

The Coronavirus pandemic has been characterised by uncertainty. To an extent, this is understandable. After all, we knew nothing about the disease when it first began creeping across the planet a little more than a year ago. Our governments acted with good intentions and, we can assume, did their upmost to balance our interests and […]Read More

Life During Wartime: How Do Filmmakers Respond To Crisis?

With COVID making appearances in our fictional filmscapes, when is it ‘too soon’ for filmmakers to respond to a crisis? “Shakespeare wrote King Lear during the Plague.” The viral ‘motivational’ post circulated recently on my lockdown stomping-grounds, LinkedIn and Twitter, in an apparent attempt to spark inspiration or productivity while we were all pulling our […]Read More