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Was isolation what made Britain great?

This week, the people of Britain will vote in a referendum which will determine Britain’s future and add a substantial number of pages to the history books of the future. But with the debate so far consisting of the throwing back-and-forth of criticisms and praises of the EU, there is a vital topic missing. Did […]Read More

We must hold government responsible over the Panama papers

The recent leak of 11.5 million documents from Panamanian-based law firm Mossack Fonseca has sparked global outrage. And quite rightly so. 143 politicians from around the world, 12 of whom are current or former national leaders, were revealed to be evading the law and going to every length to avoid paying tax. Yet the British […]Read More

David Cameron is just a bloke going on holiday. Leave

A little over 100 days into his second term as Prime Minister, footage has emerged of David Cameron doing something that has truly shocked the nation. The footage in question doesn’t implicate him in any kind of sleazy scandal, underhand Machiavellian arrangements or financial skulduggery. No, it simply showed him sitting on an easyJet flight, eating Paprika flavoured Pringles. In the […]Read More

What on Earth is Going On With Calais?

The storm of media attention surrounding the French port of Calais has started up again over the last few months. This is perhaps symbolic of an inherent British selfishness being depicted through the media – the migrant crisis has worn on since around 1999 yet only makes it into the British media as the subject […]Read More

Labour: Where did it all go wrong?

Members of the #Milifandom all around the country were crying into their cornflakes come Friday morning. They had no words, just James Blunt’s ‘Goodbye My Lover’ on a constant loop. Thousands were left bewildered at Labour’s catastrophic defeat. Labour’s hopes were increasingly raised throughout the campaign, only to be shattered on the night. A blanket […]Read More

The morning after the night before

Greetings dear reader, if you stumbled into the kitchen this morning not from bed, but from the television, with the voice of David Dimbleby ringing in your ears like political tinnitus. Greetings, if you watched last night’s seats be counted through the gate of government like multi-coloured sheep, herded by the familiar pomposity of the […]Read More

Why you should vote… Conservative

As part of our ‘Why you should vote…” series for the last days of the general election campaign, Lydia explains why the Tories should attract your pen’s cross on the ballot paper. How can we doubt that there is not still a class war at hand? Unfortunately for the Tories, their age-old and still-damaging “elitist, […]Read More

David Cameron is camera shy – and students will be

The nation had barely recovered from its New Year’s Day hangover when it began. As David Cameron unveiled his party’s slick, shiny new election poster, the longest general election campaign in British history stuttered into life and the pattern for the next four months was set. Until May 7th, the front pages will run thick with cheap political […]Read More