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Main Cast Revealed For New Netflix Series ‘The Sandman’

In 2019, Netflix announced that they would be adapting Neil Gaiman’s popular comic series The Sandman (originally created for DC Comics in 1989), but little has been said about the series until now. This week, Netflix revealed the main casting for their new dark fantasy series. Netflix have described The Sandman as “a rich blend […]Read More

Why ‘Batwoman’ Could Be The Best Arrowverse Show

Following the conclusion of the show’s inaugural season, here’s why Batwoman could not only fill Arrow‘s shoes, but also become the best Arrowverse show. The Bat-family proportion of DC Comics is regarded as being one of their strongest mythoi, both in terms of its lore and its characters. So, when Batwoman made her debut as […]Read More

Film News: A ‘Joker’ Sequel? Are You Kidding Me?

Nowadays, if a film does well it seems within two minutes there’s a sequel announced. This year’s psychological supervillain drama Joker has not been spared this increasingly commonplace studio bullshit. Earlier this week The Hollywood Reporter published a story stating that the original director, Todd Phillips, was in talks to return for a second Joker […]Read More

TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow // Episodes 13 – 16

Episode 13 – Leviathan: Rip, having decided the team are running out of time, lands the group in London, 2166 – three days before his wife and son are murdered by Savage. Frustratingly, the series once again falls back into routine – different time, different place, same actions. The single point of interest is the introduction […]Read More

TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow // Episodes 10 – 12

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Fj-NqW8_M8 Episode 10 – Progeny: The beginning of this episode brings us to the year 2147, as Rip works on locating Savage once again. The series is starting to feel a little tired now – the team consistently search for Savage and never really get any closer to defeating him, simply going round in circles […]Read More

TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow // Episodes 7 – 9

Episode 7 – Marooned: After the impressive episode that was Star City 2046, expectations are high for the next instalment of Legends of Tomorrow. Unfortunately, this episode begins on a melancholy note, and the action is slow to start. When the Legend’s plans go awry thanks to some dubious time pirates, Palmer is left in charge of […]Read More