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Boris Johnson: Britain’s Bumbling Dictator?

On the 28thAugust, the Queen formally gave consent to Boris Johnson and his government to suspend Parliament from no later than the 12thSeptember until the 14thOctober 2019. Johnson’s inventive plan is the latest tactic from his aggressively pro-Brexit government to push through a so-called ‘No-Deal Exit’ with the minimum of input from Parliament, most notably […]Read More

The People’s Vote: Democracy or Heresy?

Brexit: it’s a word that is on everyone’s lips at the moment (though begrudgingly for most of us). Over two years have elapsed since one of the most historic and divisive political controversies in recent times. Two years, several legal challenges and a host of ministerial resignations later, very little seems to have been resolved. […]Read More

Digital Democracy: the next step?

You may remember the Labour Party’s internal party elections, whereby members had the option to vote online. With this in mind, it is feasible that the future of UK general elections might follow suit. However, is becoming a digital democracy a good thing? Voter Turnout A key argument in favour of introducing digital voting is […]Read More

America: Descriptive Democracy or Male Monarchy?

Want to become President of the USA? Well, if you’re a woman or your surname isn’t Clinton or Bush, the American dream may be an entirely impossible dream. In the wake of both Jeb Bush (son of 41st president and brother of 43rd president) and Hillary Clinton (wife of 42nd president) announcing their run for […]Read More

Free Speech or Hate Speech? Where Does Democracy End?

The Conservatives’ decision to repeal the 1998 Human Rights Act – which is based on the European Convention on Human Rights – and to replace it with our own British ‘Bill of Rights’, means that recently it feels that our democratic freedoms have been hotly contested. Nobody can deny that freedom of speech is a […]Read More

Democracy is failing in the UK, and it’s the fault

The run-up to the recent general election dominated social media and the press for several weeks. It engaged thousands of voters and non-voters with the arguments and policies of the six or seven main parties, and sparked debate and discussion over the key issues. It also highlighted the reasons to turn out and vote: images […]Read More