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The Top 10 Episodes of Doctor Who

As the 10th Season of the Revival Series of Doctor Who is drawing to a close, with what is bound to be a kick ass finale (Mondasian Cybermen, come on guys!), I thought it fitting to take a look back on some of the best episodes to ever grace our screens over the past 12 […]Read More

TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow // Episodes 1 – 3

DC Comics, partnered with America’s CW network, have been hugely successful with their current TV series Arrow and The Flash; the two shows recently resumed their 4th and 2nd series respectively, after a short break over the Christmas holidays. The two shows are extremely clever in the sense that they run alongside each other, with the occasional merging of plots. Now, the series are fully integrated […]Read More

Gaming News: Doctor Who Legacy Updates Ahead of Season 9

With the new series of Doctor Who arriving on TV screens next month, the tie in video game Doctor Who Legacy has been given a major update by Tiny Rebel Games. This new update will feature two premium packs for players to purchase. The first is the 30 level “Sonic Adventures”, a unique story based […]Read More

TV Feature: New Who – Back in Time with Nine

March, 2005: Old fans and soon-to-be-fans alike sat in front of their television sets, awaiting the arrival of a new Doctor, fresh from war. It seems bizarre to think that it was a whole decade ago that the Sci-Fi anti-hero beloved by many returned to our screens (though, of course, time is hardly a reliable […]Read More

What We’re Watching in 2015: Part 2

In Part Two of our collosal entertainment feature, The Indiependent writers continue in their quest to get you excited for the Film and TV heading your way in 2015 – this time, focusing on the screen delights coming in July to December of the new year! Film: Paper Towns Originally a book by John Green, […]Read More