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‘Jozi Gold’ – A Blueprint for Climate Activism: Review

A haunting quest for justice through the hinterlands of Johannesburg, ‘Jozi Gold’ tackles the catastrophic fallout of the South African gold mining industry head on. Jozi Gold (2019) is a shocking indictment of the South African gold mining industry and its toxic consequences. In just 74 minutes, directors Fredrik Gertten and Sylvia Vollenhoven weave together […]Read More

‘The Capote Tapes’ — Truman Capote By Those Who Knew

A common theme you’ll find in The Capote Tapes is that “every big party you went to, there was Truman.” A man so ingrained in the New York social stage, he was near untouchable—until the nature of his final, unpublished work came to light. In a selection of tapes from George Plimpton’s collection, we gain […]Read More

‘Ronnie’s’ Is A Timely And Stylish Celebration Of The Arts:

A celebration of music, creativity and nightlife, Oliver Murray’s documentary Ronnie’s is a surprisingly pertinent film that captures the importance of the arts and illustrates late 20th-century London in an alluringly bohemian light. Charting the life of Ronnie Scott, jazz saxophonist and co-founder of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, the film begins in a wistful, nostalgic mood. […]Read More

‘Frida Kahlo’ – The Love, Life and Loneliness of an

Frida Kahlo, the latest documentary film by Exhibition on Screen, is an in-depth and immersive look into the life of the iconic Mexican artist. Directed by Ali Ray, it goes beyond the bright colours, bold brows and traditional Tehuana styling for which Kahlo is known and delves deeper into her story, who she was as […]Read More

Changing the Narrative with ‘Beyond The Red Light’

Here at The Indiependent, we are avid supporters of up and coming indie filmmakers, especially ones especially trying to make a difference. Meet Beyond The Red Light, a documentary that wants to share the narrative of sex workers fighting for their rights and justice. The film aims to highlight the world of sex workers rights […]Read More

Exploring Humanity in ‘The Painter and the Thief’: LFF Review

Every story has a hero and a villain. A cop and a robber. A painter and a thief. Benjamin Ree’s genre-bending documentary transcends that narrative, presenting us not with a protagonist/ antagonist tale but with a real-to-life story of crime, repercussions and the complexity of the human spirit. The film opens in the aftermath of drug-fuelled […]Read More

Documentary Film Review: Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life

There is something of an innocent quality strewn through Tomer Heymann’s latest documentary venture, which ultimately contrasts the film’s stark subject matter. Jonathan Agassi is the wunderkind of gay porn, an incredibly desirable but ultimately provocative star of adult movies who, at his height, was considered one of the greatest actors in porn. However, with […]Read More

What on earth is a Gaby Baby?: LGBT Activism in

During the Birmingham PRIDE celebrations, I attended a screening of ‘Gaby Baby’, a documentary film that delves into the issues of same-sex marriages through following the lives of four Australian families. I chatted with Maya Newell, the director of the documentary film, about her inspiration, the making of the film, the mode of the film as a force […]Read More