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TV Review: Girls Incarcerated

New to Netflix, Girls Incarcerated takes viewers inside Indiana’s Madison Correctional Facility, e.g. a jail for girls under the age of 18. Throughout the 8 episodes, you see the inmates, or ‘students’ as the staff refer to them, work to get their lives back on track. An insightful and interesting look into the US Justice […]Read More

TV Review: Getting High for God?

BBC Three have recently released a two-part immersive documentary series titled Getting High For God? presented by actor Mawaan Rizwan. The consumption of hallucinogenic drugs in order to find God is not only explored in this documentary but is actually taken on by the presenter himself, making the programme insanely interesting for its viewership. Part 1 […]Read More

Film Review: One More Time With Feeling

One More Time With Feeling is Andrew Dominik’s exquisite new documentary chronicling the writing and recording of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ sixteenth studio album, Skeleton Tree. It also takes a look beneath the surface of the richly-textured and mournful tapestry which makes up the private world of Nick Cave and his wife Susie, following the death of their […]Read More

Short Film Review: Freedom; Black Hands, White Flags

#BlackLivesMatter, a movement that seems to mentioned far too frequently for the unlawful killings of unarmed black males and sometimes females in the USA to be merely a coincidence. In Freedom: Black Hands, White Flags, filmmakers Levi E. Aluede and Daniel Modeste bring to light in just 20 mins some of history’s most important race […]Read More

Louis Theroux: Britain’s Newest National Treasure?

After gracing our screens for over 17 years with fantastical broadcasting magic, covering a wide range of topics from the world of porn, to investigating those facing impending death, it is fair to say we can now crown Louis Theroux as the king of documentaries (if such title were to exist, of course). With three […]Read More

TV Review: Secrets of China

In what’s supposed to be a communist country we see the widening gap between rich and poor, and what the economic boom means to the people of China, in the third and final episode of Secrets of China. It’s not surprising to see how many factories are in China, but what is surprising to see […]Read More

TV Review: Secrets of China

In a country where being single over the age of 25 makes you a ‘leftover’, we see the extent of China’s desperate quest for love in the second episode of Secrets of China. Starting in Hefei, Billie shows us a ‘government sponsored marriage market’ where people display handwritten cards describing themselves and what they’re looking for […]Read More

TV Review: Secrets of China – Fit in or Fail

In the first of three installments of BBC’s Secrets of China series, we see indie sweetheart Billie JD Porter delve into the world of China’s teenage population. It’s a real eye-opener for anyone watching when we see the extent of the pressures of success for China’s students. Pushy parents aren’t just a stereotype in China; […]Read More

Film Review: Amy

We all know what happened to Amy Winehouse. In the opening moments of director Asif Kapadia’s Amy we see her at fourteen, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a friend with that undeniable voice, and we’re effortlessly reminded of what made her famous in the first place. Winehouse was fiercely talented, refreshingly open, and in July of 2011, […]Read More

Film Review: The Village at the End of the World

Being the only teenager in a village of 58 sounds mundane enough, but imagine being the only teenager in a village of 58 in one of the most remote places on earth. That’s exactly what life is like for Lars who lies in Niaqornat, north-west Greenland, a place where the dog population out numbers the […]Read More