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EP Review: Fast Food // D.I.D

Following their very enjoyable but perhaps slightly cautious debut album All Our Favourite Stories, a three year absence from production probably left many fans of the Nottingham quintet anticipating, or even expecting, some semblance of progression from their next release. Thankfully, the unimaginative and frankly bemusing change of name from Dog is Dead to simply […]Read More

Single Review: Fast Food // D.I.D

If you could pardon the severely-overused pun, Dog is Dead is, well… dead. Under the new name of D.I.D – everything is an acronym these days – the Nottingham 5-piece have returned with a new offering in the form of ‘Fast Food’, in turn giving us a taste of their new EP (also called Fast Food). The […]Read More

Music News: D.I.D announce UK Tour

Nottingham indie pop group Dog Is Dead disappeared off the radar following their 2012 release All Our Favourite Stories. Save for the odd time I’ve been in H&M and they’ve been played over the sound system, its like the band never existed in the first place. But now they’re back in business – and they’ve had a […]Read More