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Could COP26 bring Joe Biden and Boris Johnson together?

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. The problem, which will affect living standards around the world, is truly global. Any global issue requires a global response. Brilliant progress was made with the 2015 Paris Agreement, which the new US President Joe Biden announced America will rejoin. This, along with other policy measures, […]Read More

Nixon on Film: Is Cinema’s Most Controversial President About To

After what has been perhaps one of the most tumultuous election campaigns in modern U.S. history—and one that continues to cause division across the country—the people have elected Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States. However, incumbent President Trump is not going down without a fight, and I imagine his leaving […]Read More

Refusal to Concede Risks Undermining Trumpism

Despite the incumbent president’s recent loss, Trumpism looks set to continue to dominate the republican party. However, as the President increasingly turns his vicious hyperbole towards the USA’s democratic institutions and structures he risks pushing the party further away from his ideals.  Over the last five years Donald Trump has coerced, seduced and smashed the […]Read More

US Election 2020: Trump’s Time May Be Running Out

With 21 days until Election Day in the USA, US President Donald Trump finds himself trailing his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, in several battleground state polls, with time running out to make a dent in Biden’s support. Biden holds a 10-point lead nationally, his largest of the campaign so far. New state polls released by […]Read More

Trump and COVID-19: A Campaign of Fear

Following the shameful presidential debate that took place on September 29, Donald Trump has once again hoarded the world’s attention by confirming that both he and his wife have tested positive for COVID-19. Many have regarded this as a lie, assuming that he wants to avoid the embarrassment of attending the remaining presidential debates. Others […]Read More

What it’s Like Being a Swing State Voter Abroad

In a normal presidential debate (ie. one prior to the 2016 election cycle), if the words “Would you shut up, man?” were uttered by a candidate on the debate stage, it would have been the soundbite of the night and would likely have grave consequences for said candidate. When former Vice President Joe Biden interjected […]Read More

Does the Internal Market Bill signal UK support for Trump?

Last week, I watched President Bill Clinton’s speech in Londonderry in 1995 for the first time. In 2020, the bittersweet words of Clinton and John Hume, words of peace, unity, and shared humanity, seemed to come from another planet. It is nauseating that Boris Johnson’s government has chosen to endanger this hard won peace for […]Read More

What If It’s a Tie? This US Election Scenario Could

I find US politics fascinating, although I’m sure part of the reason for this is because I am comfortably tucked across the other side of the Atlantic and do not have to live with the daily consequences. I want to present a scenario that is not entirely beyond the realms of possibility, and it could […]Read More