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When the Fun Stops, Stop: The Problem with FIFA

Once a year, EA release the latest instalment of its flagship game, FIFA, which seems to thrive on compulsive gaming habits. The danger is that such mechanics eventually inspire a lifestyle that very quickly becomes hard to go back on. It’s all too easy to arrange a commute around new content or a weekend around an online league. Eventually, payday can quite easily finance a summer sat inside, waiting for the release of a few blue cards.Read More

Game At A Glance: Star Wars Battlefront

Title: Star Wars Battlefront Developers: EA DICE What I think: When EA DICE, the main creator behind the Battlefield franchise, announced that they would be helming a brand new Star Wars Battlefront game for next generation consoles, gamers worldwide were expecting one of the best games ever made, especially considering the popularity of previous games on PlayStation 2. […]Read More